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Top 10 Reasons Why Minecraft Is Bad: Know Here!

Top 10 Reasons Why Minecraft Is Bad: Minecraft today who don’t know about Minecraft. Minecraft is a very popular game among all the peoples around the world. There are million of download from the Play Store and also kids are more fascinated towards the game play of Minecraft.

Games like Minecraft is something which is limited to your imagination and your crafting nature full stop but today we are going to discuss something different apart from doing Minecraft praising.

In this article we will be discussing about, top 10 reason why Minecraft is bad. So without any further let’s get started.

Top 10 Reasons Why Minecraft Is Bad!

Soye the ya talking about Minecraft it has limited to imagination game. Apart from making buildings and having friends the game include various types of killing and violence in it. Which is very dangerous to anyone health. Also Minecraft influence child mental ability and the emotional stability of a child.

Top 10 Reason Minecraft Is Bad!
Top 10 Reason Minecraft Is Bad!

So Here Are the Top 10 Reason Why Minecraft Is Bad.

Bad Impression On Kids:

As the gaming contain killing and many hazardous effect on kids mindset. Not only weaken there mental intelligence but also make them physically weak.

Addictive In Nature

If we talks about the bad effect of Minecraft. The number one reason why we are calling Minecraft bad is it can make your kid addict to it. As many cases have been a lesson in the past that people who are playing PUBG and BGMI got addicted to the game and which affects their mental ability and physical abilities also. The same goes with Minecraft after playing Minecraft some of the kids got addicted to the gameplay.

It may drop a hazardous effect on the human body because addiction of anything can cause a major damage to the health.

Imagination Limited:

This game is only limited to someone’s imagination which means it doesn’t give any chance t you kids’ minds to develop in an external way.

Involving Game

The game as an extensive involvement which causes time wastage and also the player won’t get any spare time to use it on other things. Involving also include that people got addicted to their friends and chatting with them. It became a habit of every day.

Paid App

Top 10 Reasons Why Minecraft Is Bad – Even for downloading the app, firstly you have to pay from your pocket. For the cause if u dont like it ,the damage ia did. Then it’s a pure waste of money.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is good at some extent but access usage of anything can cause problem. Online gaming now a day became a very crucial part of life but  it always post a drastic effect on the people

Top 10 Reasons Why Minecraft Is Bad
Top 10 Reason Minecraft Is Bad!


The situation become exhausted, when you are playing the game and got atticted to it. The game login between and this make create a whole Chaos and the situation become very exhausted when the game leg in between and the player won’t be able to play the game.

The bottom Line

Winding up things at the end of the article Minecraft is a very good place for anyone’s creativity. A child can explore is creativity by playing the game but access to use of Minecraft can cause a hazardous effects on the human body. Everyone is suggested to play the game in a limit so that the playing should be safe and your health won’t be affected.

Everything goes well in a limit so never cross your limit in anything. If you have any query regarding this article you can easily drop it in the comment section we will we get back to you with an appropriate answer to your query very soon. If you want to read such an interesting article just keep and touch with our website.

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