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Top 10 Don in World- Most Dangerous Don Worldwide 2023!

Have you ever known the list of Top 10 don in world? If not, here we are updating you with the list of Top 10 don in world 2023, which will also be comprised of the list of the world’s most wanted criminals, fugitives, the world’s dangerous gang, and gangsters, most notorious dons worldwide. This list was compiled using references found on Google from various sources.

Top 10 Don in World 2023: List!

Top 10 Don in World 2022

1. Semion Mogilevich

Born in Ukraine, Semion Mogilevich has unexpectedly become the top don and criminal in Russia. He formed his own crime and mafia group, thereby becoming one of the most dangerous gangsters in the world ever. Even now Semion Mogilevich’s name will scare many of his rivals, as he was the top don and gangster once, also he got arrested once.

2. James Bulger 

James Whitey Bulger had been one of the dreadful dons, the world of mafia has ever seen. James Bulger was often involved in active murders, drug selling, and women trafficking. He kept fleeing after all those crimes, James Bulger was also the leader of the gang Winter Hill. The winter hill gang has evolved Whitey as one of the top most criminals and dons way back, also drawing his name into the list of most wanted people worldwide.

3. Al Capone

Touted as the 18th century’s most dangerous don, Al Capone was an American-based gangster, who was often involved in Gambling, prostitution, and crimes, and became a threatening name to the people of America. Often hailed as the dangerous don was known by his nickname Scarface, but literally, Al Capone would bring scare other’s faces, Al Capone was a major mobster, gangster, and topmost don of America till 1947.

4. Hisayuki Machii

Being born in Korea, Hisayuki Machii had gotten a fairytale life, as Machii was the top most menacing don of Japan, as was one of the most dangerous underworlds don. Hisayuki Machii ran an import company and often got involved in crimes and underworld mafia activities. Hisayuki Machii was regarded as the Ginza Tiger, as he found his own gang yakuza, Hisayuki finally settled in Korea after the completion of world war II.

5. Charles Luciano

Charles Lucky Luciano, another us don, who was born once again in another country, Lucky Luciano was born in Italy, his life gained complete momentum after his career at the Five Points gang. Lucky Luciano had often been involved in drug peddling and mafia activities, slowly lucky Luciano became the top most don of USA till the time he was there.

6. Joaquín Guzmán

Being the world’s most wanted man once, Joaquin Guzman once terrified everyone with his kidnapping and drug selling in Mexico. Forming a major crime syndicate in Mexico, Guzmán was a drug leader, leader’s head once again of the Sinaloa cartel troops, Guzman was often known as the most powerful and dangerous drug trafficking leader in the world, thereby being the most popular don worldwide.

7. Dawood Ibrahim

An Indian-born gangster being on the list of top most dons worldwide will spring a surprise of course, but yes, Dawood Ibrahim was a crime leader, gangster, notorious don, and most wanted criminal, how much ever a person could ever be in the list of unwanted things can be seen from him, Dawood Ibrahim was the top most don and criminal worldwide in both India and USA too.

8. Varadarajan Mudaliar

Another Indian origin don, Varadarajan Mudaliar hails from Tamilnadu, which is in the southern region of India. Varadarajan Mudaliar was a famous and prominent don in the late 1960s-1980s, Varadarajan Mudaliar was always on the Indian government’s list of most wanted criminals and person, as he was a popular don and gangster at that time, even a film based on Varadarajan Mudaliar named Nayakan was made by Mani Ratnam starring Kamal Haasan in 1987 which became a huge blockbuster at that time.

9. Griselda Blanco

Finally, a lady is making this cut among the top most dons in the world, yes Griselda Blanco a Colombian based don and gangster, she was earning millions by doing crime things. Her life is a crime life indeed, a Colombian based lady drug dealer and drug leader, Griselda Blanco surprised and shook the other male dons and gangsters by earning more than $2 Billion dollars in her crime career spanning around 14 years, also illegally wild cocaine and responsible for more than 2000 killings, finally, La Madrina,’ ‘Queen of Narco-Trafficking,’ ‘Cocaine Godmother’ and ‘Black Widow’ girl Griselda Blanco got shot, murdered and killed in 2012 and became the best lady don ever in the world.

10. Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar another Colombian based don, a narcoterrorist, underworld mafia leader, and drug leader often involved in heinous acts and established himself as a powerful don and gang leader in the world at that time. Medellín Cartel gang was formed by Escobar, he was the sole reason for the increasing crimes and crime rates at Columbia and USA, as Escobar was the King pin.

With this, the list of Top 10 Don in World 2023 gets concluded, the list of most famous dons and gangsters in the world, the most wanted criminal list worldwide, the most notorious don list everything has been covered and shared over here. Stay tuned for more articles like Top 10 don in world here at your Gaming Acharya.

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