Google Play Points Redeem Code 30 June 2022 ! New Code

Google Play Points Redeem Code

Google Play Points Redeem Code 30 June 2022: Google Play Store is an application developed by Google for Android users to download apps on their android devices. You need not subscribe or pay, you just need to log in using your e-mail credentials which is an easy process. There are many free applications like games, … Read more

Genshin Impact Diluc Skin- Genshin Impact Leaks about Diluc Skin?

Genshin Impact Diluc Skin

Genshin Impact Diluc Skin: Diluc has been most of the Genshin Impact users’ favorite character in the game and the news about the Diluc Skin getting launched on Genshin Impact must have ignited excitement among Genshin Impact fans. The leaks of Diluc Skin started coming out, here are the titbits and leaks of Genshin Impact … Read more

Marvel Future Revolution Redeem Code July 2022: New Codes

Marvel Future Revolution Redeem Code

Marvel Future Revolution Redeem Code July 2022: Marvel’s first open-world gaming app was launched to its fans in 2021 and has been receiving rave reviews for the same. This battle action game has been introducing new features and updates about rewards. The rewards are gold, comic covers, cosmetics, costume box, badges, etc. These can be … Read more

Wind Impulse Destiny 2- How to Enable Wind Impulse Settings on Destiny 2?

Wind Impulse Destiny 2

Wind Impulse Destiny 2: If you are a gamer, not only skills and techniques are essential, best device/console may give you the access to any game, but only the best game settings will make your gaming experience better, the same concept applies to Destiny 2 game too. So using the Destiny 2 in-game settings and … Read more

Rocket League Checking Privileges- How to Fix Rocket League Server Issues?

Rocket League Checking Privileges

Rocket League Checking Privileges: Rocket League gamers have experienced plenty of server issues while trying to log in to Rocket League through their device. Rocket League users are encountering many technical bugs and they are shown with many pop-up texts like Having problems communicating with Epic Online Services. Please try again in a few minutes.”, … Read more

BGMI LAN Event Points Table- BGMI Masters Series LAN Event Points Table for launch week!

BGMI LAN Event Points Table

BGMI LAN Event Points Table: As BGMI had already created history by telecasting the Nodwin BGMI Masters Series LAN Event 2022 for the very first time on Star Sports 2, the Masters Series on the Star network has also been garnering huge views and TRP. BGMI Masters Series LAN Event’s first phase, that’s the Launch … Read more

Vecna Skin in Fortnite- New Fortnite x Stranger Things Collaboration for Vecna Skin

Vecna Skin in Fortnite

Vecna Skin in Fortnite: Fortnite which has been known for its swashbuckling collaboration is once again on the verge of another collaboration with Stranger Things. As Vecna is finally returning to Stranger Things and the official face-off poster of Eleven vs Vecna was also shown for Stranger Things season 4, part 2. And Epic Games … Read more

BGMI Tournament App Free Entry- Download these Free BGMI Tournament Apps 2022!

BGMI Tournament App Free Entry

BGMI Tournament App Free Entry: Many BGMI players who couldn’t qualify for tournaments are looking out for the free BGMI tournament app. There are plethora of BGMI tournament apps for free, where one may participate in BGMI tournaments and even win money for free too. Here’s the exclusive BGMI Article about the BGMI Tournament App … Read more

Sommerset Fortnite- Sommerset aka Kayla Fortnite twitch Streamer Biography, Stats and Salary!

Sommerset Fortnite

Sommerset Fortnite: Many of you all don’t know Sommerset from Fortnite fraternity. Sommerset alias Kayla is a popular Fortnite eSports player and also a Twitch Streamer too. Residing in Texas, USA, Sommerset has always been active on her Twitch stream channel. Kayla actively creates content for the Luminosity Gaming team. So here’s more about Sommerset … Read more