Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean Collaboration 2024 – Get Free Skins!

Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean is the next big event. Epic games have always focused on big events and collaborations every season. Pirates of the Caribbean x Fortnite collaboration 2024 will be a big crossover event.

The pirates of the carribbean collaboration in Fortnite Wrecked season will also allow gamers to claim cosmetics and skins. This is also one of the bigger crossover events in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.


The Jack Sparrow cursed sails battle pass is also removed from Fortnite. The Pirates of the Caribbean will be live through the Fortnite summer update and new skins are expected to come out soon.

Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean Collaboration

Fortnite x Pirates of the Carribbean

Fans who wait for the Fortnite and Pirates of the Carribbean collaboration may have to wait for a long time as the crossover event is only expected to arrive in July 2024. Pirates of the Carribbean and Fortnite collab will start on July 19, 2024 and the captian Jack Sparrow battle pass will be out as well.

The Pirates of the Carribbean event battle pass for Fortnite has been showcased already and give exclusive skins along with cosmetics and emotes will be available for all fans from the game’s item shop.

Fortnite x Pirates of the Carribbean

How to Get The Fortnite Jack Sparrow Pass?

Once the summer update arrives in Fortnite, all players can get the Jack Sparrow Pass for 1000 v-bucks from the in-game item shop. The pass will also include cosmetics and pirates of the carribbean themed missions.

Players who get the Jack Sparrow Cursed Sails pass can get exclusive access to the Jack Sparrow Skin and Cursed Jack Sparrow Skin. Ship in Bottle, a pirate themed item will also be available from the same pass. Fortnite players can open this ship and destroy enemies immediately.

Pirates of the Caribbean x Fortnite – Skins

There will be five main skins from the Fortnite Pirates of the Carribbean cross over event for 2024. The main Jack Sparrow outfits will be available from the battle pass. Skins like Captain Hector Barbossa, Davy Jones and Elizabeth Swann will be available in Lego themes for more than 1000 Fortnite v-bucks from the item shop.

The jack sparrow bundle will also include a back bling, Sword pickaxe, banner tokens, Pirate’s Grin emoticon, Jar of Dirt emote, Sparrow Run emote. You can get these by purchasing the item bundle from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collab.

Are there free Fortnite Pirates of the Carribbean Skins? 

No, there will not be any free Jack Sparrow skins in Fortnite. Every skin from Pirates of the Carribbean world will be available in the Fortnite item shop. You can all also play the new Fortnite missions once the update goes live. You can find creator codes to get all Fortnite free skins and they will also be available through special events in the game too.


    • Is Fortnite a Good Game? 

Yes, Fortnite is a fantastic adventure game that’s available in three different game modes. You can play the Fortnite creative, save the world and battle royale. Travel through the battle bus and land on islands to survive against your enemies. You can get skins, cosmetics and other rewards through all Fortnite events.

  • Is Fortnite Available for Android? 

Yes, Fortnite is available for all platforms. The game is not directly available on Play Store, but you can download Fortnite for mobile through Epic Games on a high end device. Fortnite is an amazing game to play on your mobile.

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