Top 10 Scary Roblox Games to Play With Friends in 2023 

Which are the Scary Roblox games to play with friends? Roblox has many thrilling, horror and supernatural adventure games. Now let’s find the top 10 Roblox scary games to play in 2023.

Scary games are always fan favorite in Roblox. Players love these games than other genres. Roblox also has tons of horror thriller and scary adventure games too.

scary roblox games to play with friends

Top 10 Scary Roblox Games to Play With Friends in 2023! 

scary roblox games to play with friends


Find out the top 10 Roblox thriller games to play right now. These games have been thrilling and scary over the years. Playing there friends will also be an amazing experience.

scary roblox games to play with friends


  1. Cheese Escape – A harmless horror Roblox game where your only goal is to survive against a rat. You can play with friends through the VIP server. This game is better to be experienced with an outstanding soundtrack too. It has scary background scores, haunting locations and threatening enemies too. Play Cheese Escape on PC for the best gaming experience.
  2. Finders Keepers – You have been trapped in a haunted house by a mysterious character called the Paranormal Investigator. Find disks and unmask their identity in this dangerous Roblox horror game. Then you should also complete other important tasks in the game to progress to all new chapters.
  3. Horror Tycoon – This is easily one of the top 10 Roblox scary games for 2023. Horror Tycoon is all about choosing a horror character and then building your own tycoon. Survive against enemies and then use droppers to generate cash and other essential resources in the game too. Your goal is to unlock outfits, cosmetics and weapons for all characters in the game too.
  4. Alone in A Dark House – This scary Roblox game is also available for PlayStation. Play as investigator and also find the runaway murderer. You have to solve the mystery while you are stuck in a paranormal anomaly. This game also has pulsating background score and fast-paced combat. Complete the playthrough and engage in dark combat to get the best experience too.
  5. Breaking Point – This is another top horror Roblox game where you are trapped in a remote location and Island. Use guns and knives to slay ghosts and also survive the dark adventure too. Timings are there for combat in this game. Breaking Point is another best Roblox thriller game.
  6. Elmira – A scintillating horror thriller adventure game on Roblox. This is by far the most scary Roblox game and the story begins once you fall asleep inside a bus during your school trip. You will land near an old hospital and all your friends are missing. Find them and then solve the puzzles .This game is also loosely based on the legend of black eyed children.
  7. 3008 – The story begins in a horror filled hardware store room no 3008 – I. You have to survive against zombies and scary enemies by building bases
  8. Evade – Evade from ghosts. Run, escape and survive with your friends. This is another intriguing scary Roblox game that you can all play with friends.
  9. Doors – Another daring game for all Roblox gamers. A gripping thriller awaits in Roblox Doors. You have to keep traveling to all 10 doors and hide yourselves from enemies. Roblox Doors is one of the best scary adventure thriller games right now in 2023.
  10. Color or Die – This is one of the best and top-rated Roblox horror, thriller and scary games. You will be running inside a house. Maze like puzzles are there for you. You can play as a gang and guide others. Color or Die in Roblox is all about taking a paint bucket and painting doors and hiding on walls. If you fail, then the ghost will catch you. A scary Roblox game that has many chapters too. It is one of the most complicated Roblox horror games till date. There will be bridges where you have to cross to find paint buckets and vault keys as well too.

These are all the top 10 Roblox scary games right now. The best Roblox horror games to play with your friends are shared here. Play these games for enough chills and thrills.

Roblox scary games have been a smashing hit over the years. Though Roblox has other games, these thrilling games have become and evolved too. Top 10 horror thriller games in Roblox is what all players look forward to right now.



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