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Best Top 10 Minecraft Players In India 2023

Top 10 Minecraft Players In India:  Minecraft is a very popular game among today’s generation which is developed by a Swedish game publisher and belongs to a famous sandbox game. Minecraft allows the player to build a 3D world with various kind of blocks and also help them to explore more and more things in their new world.

Also if we are talking about Minecraft there is no doubt that it is a very famous game that is mainly based on people’s imagination. Not only around the world Minecraft has massive popularity in India.

Furthermore, if we are talking about Minecraft players in India the question arises what is the rated player in India of Minecraft? If you are looking for this you are in the right place. In this article, we will be discussing top 10 players of Minecraft so without any further Ado let’s get started. We will be listing the players name according to their fan following and there in games scores.

Top 10 Minecraft Players In India
Top 10 Minecraft Players In India

Top 10 Minecraft Players In India:

Let’s begin the counting now, we are listing the top 10 players of Minecraft in India. We will will be listing the top 10 players of Minecraft in India on the basis of their subscribers and following on the social media. Keeps on reading this article to get your appropriate answer.

10. McpeHindi

Top 10 Minecraft Players In India – On number 10 we have McpeHindi. Who has a net count of 50.1 k. He is a player who loves to Play Minecraft Java and pocket edition full stop and he also straightened that he loves to record videos while playing the game his real name is Rishav.

9. Ezio18Rip

Top 10 Minecraft Players In India – On number 9 we have Ezio18Rip another popular name in Minecraft. His real name is Hitesh Kohli. He is a YouTuber and he is very talented and streams fun and interactive game videos with a heavy dose of entertainment.

8. BlueClue Gaming.

Wasim Khan is popularly known as blue clue gaming. He is an Indian gaming YouTuber who uploads Minecraft gameplay videos on live streaming.

7. Khatarnaak Ishan

The next popular name in the race top 10 Minecraft player in India is Khatarnak Ishan. Is real name is Ishan Khedkar. He is both and University Graduate and a YouTuber. He is a very famous YouTuber who upload Minecraft video while live streaming.

6. Gamer Fleet

Anshu best who is popularly known as a gamer fleet in the gaming world is a very popular Lifestyle blogger and also a YouTube and social media influencer.

5. Yes Smarty Pie

Another popular name is Hitesh Kanata who is better known as yes smarty Pi. He is a very famous Minecraft gaming YouTube who uploads Minecraft playing videos.

Top 10 Minecraft Players In India
Top 10 Minecraft Players In India

4. The Rawknee Games

On number 4th we have Ronnie does Gupta who is popularly known as raw knee games. The video he uploads always depict Indian culture and pop culture. Is very popular YouTuber and influencer by profession.

3. Hindustan Gamer Loggy

Just so popularly known as Hindustan gamer lodgy in Minecraft world belongs to Ludhiana India. His a very famous YouTuber and have a current net count of 6.47 M.

2.Chapati Hindustaniyon Gamer

On the second number, we have Jassu popularly known as chapati Hindustani gamer is a very popular and successful YouTuber when it comes to living to stream games like Minecraft. He is very famous among YouTubers and also provides comedy takes while playing Minecraft.

1. Techno Gamerz

Last but not least we have Ujjwal Chaurasia. He is the number one Minecraft player who belongs to India. His number one of India’s biggest gaming YouTubers and also he is known for his GTA series.

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The Final Thought for Top 10 Minecraft Players In India

Summing up all the things at the end of the article today we have discussed the top 10 Minecraft players in India. It is a very proud feeling that our Indian buddies are gaining popularity in the world and taking the name of India to another level Also Download Minecraft Java Edition For Android (Paid Unlocked).

If you have any queries and suggestions regarding this article you can directly put them in the comment section we will get back to you in a course of time with an appropriate answer to your query.

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