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Top 10 Gangster in India- Indian Gangsters List 2023!

Top 10 Gangster in India : Today we have a new and interesting article at Gaming Acharya, that you would have never been aware of. Do you know any gangsters or dons from our country? If not here we share the Top 10 Gangster in India 2023 list.

Top 10 Gangster in India:

#1 Tiger Memon

Tiger Memon from Mumbai is first here on this Top 10 Gangster in India 2023 article list. He’s one of the most dangerous and dreadful gangsters ever from Mumbai.

Having committed more than enough crimes, CBI, the Indian Army, and Interpol all wanted him alive. As he was the one who sketched the Mumbai 1993 bombings colossal too. Tiger Memon then was caught later one fine day.

#2 Dawood Ibrahim

Another powerful and notorious Mafia gangster leader Dawood Ibrahim was a criminal who was wanted by both the Indian and US government too, his audacity is such that Dawood even started a crime mafia syndicate company in 1970 in Mumbai named the D company too. So with many crimes and killings, he will obviously be on this Top 10 Gangster in India 2023 list too.

#3 Thug Behram

Literally, a psychopath killer, serial killer, and a gangster too, the cold-blooded bloody criminal Thug Behram had committed around 1000 killings, and the thing is only 100+ were proved officially. Such is is his mastermind.

But it all happened over a hundred years ago too, as Thug Behram, the Thug life gangster was killed in 1840 itself by the police department.

#4 Chota Rajan

Bangalore’s most dreadful gang leader Chota Rajan was once even the assistant for another gangster Dawood Ibrahim too. The crime rates he had was on another level, he used to kill and flee away too. So, hence Chota Rajan too is making this unwanted list of Top 10 Gangsters in India 2023 from us.

#5 Abu Salem

Abu Salem is another terrible and frightful gangster who ruled all the top positioned government officials once but was caught red-handed once eventually too.

He’s in this Top 10 Gangster in India 2023 too as he had killed more than 200 people on spot in public, his wife Monica Bedi even appeared once in Bigg Boss 2nd season too. Abu Salam was the official don in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. He was even the driver for the D Company gangs too.

#6 Ejaz Lakdawala

Ejaz Lakdawala another ruthless gangster from Mumbai and was always on the most wanted gangsters list too. Having done more than enough killings, he’s not to be missed from our Top 10 Gangster in India 2023 list.

#7 Bada Rajan

Another Mumbai gangster, an underworld don from Kerala, Bada Rajan is even a mobster too. His swag and audacity were on different levels, but police arrested him once. The gangster had been dominating many people from Mumbai and snatched their belongings too.

#8 Varadarajan Mudaliar

Finally a South gangster from Tamilnadu, and the most dangerous gangster to Varadaraja Mudaliar from Thoothukudi of North Arcot, Tamilnadu is also making this Top 10 Gangster in India 2023 list too.

The specialty about him is a famous Kollywood Tamil movie named Naayakan was made, directed by famous director Mani Ratnam also starring the top hero Kamal Haasan too, the film was huge blockbuster in their careers too.

#9 Karim Lala

Karim Lala basically from Afghanistan made his way into Mumbai to become the dreadful gangster, and also he was one amongst the 3 famous trio gangsters based in Mumbai too, who indeed ruled Mumbai for 3 decades almost.

#10 Arun Gawli


Arun Gawli is the 10th and last gangster from this Top 10 Gangster in India 2023 list at Gaming Acharya. He’s also a politician now, an underworld don who literally ruled and dominated Mumbai once is quiet now as he’s a politician too. The retired gangster is still making public appearances too.

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