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Arknights Lore, Story, History & More #2

What’s the actual Arknights Lore? Players of Arknights have always wanted to know its history, stories and more. All about Arknights Lore, Story and more interesting things of this gacha mobile game here.

Arknights has a prologue and plenty of episodes in each chapter. You must complete all stages to progress to next levels of Arknights. Then you must also complete the epilogue and tutorials for Arknights.

Arknights also has a couple of story quests. There are also different types of stories in the game right now. You can explore both main and side story quests for Arknights currently. There are lots of suspense in Arknights story line in every world right now.

Arknights lore

Arknights Lore, Story, History & More #2

The infected are one gang trapped by all evil monsters in Arknights. This is one of the reasons for Arknights lore to become more popular and interesting. Then the Terra is the earth from the planetary system of the galactic.

All major residents have been found on the Terra regions of Arknights and they also need an element called Originium substance to get more energy. But the thing is Originium brings a disease called Oripathy. The prolonged terminal disease has always been a mystery in the story of Arknights.

Sometimes you will also play the role of a doctor with Amnesia. The mystery in Arknights lore is something that’s mind-boggling for players and gamers. You have to manage everything and recruit all the best operators to your squads.

Arknights Story, Time Period & More 

Confessarii is a dangerous secret organization that comes in different chapters of the Arknights story. They also come to the Nomadic city frequently. These settlements or mobile cities have many challenges to explore.

The timeline period of Arknights is not known yet. Some say that stories of Arknights take place in the past and some say the storyline is set in the future or present. But you must meet all organizations to explore the entire worlds of Arknights currently.

Arknights is such a beautiful game. This gacha game has many stories and you can kickstart as an operator to embark on a wonderful journey in the game’s worlds. Campaign quests are all essential for your progress in the game right now.

About the Game

Arknights is a tower defense roleplaying and tactical game. This game is available for Android and iOS, it also has all gacha game mechanics and features for players right now.

You play as operators and towers in this fast-paced tower defense battle game. You must place your melee operators on ground tiles and also the ranger operators are placed at elevated tiles too.

Arknights lore

Your melee units will only block enemies, but your ranged units can heal, support and also deal heavy damage to all your opponents in the game too. Arknights is totally a unique and incredible game to play currently.

New levels in Arknights are unlocked as you progress in the game too. Reach new levels and unlock new operators too. All operators also get some powerful skills too. You can build bases, recruit operators and upgrade them with better facilities as well.

Arknights also has a roguelike game mode with some intense challenges for all summoners in the game. Play as operators and unleash your skills to outwit opponents in this mind-blowing gacha fantasy adventure game.

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