New World Update 4.0.2 Patch Notes Latest 2024

We are delighted to present New World Update 4.0.2, the most recent episode in the New World saga. Prepare to be enchanted by a plethora of enhancements and features that will dramatically alter the way you navigate the ethereal world of Aeternum. So put on your gear, sharpen your tools, and let’s investigate the fascinating aspects of this revolutionary update. 

New World Update 4.0.2 Patch Notes Latest 2024

At PT, the hour-long New World Update 4.0.2 begins. New songs, bonuses, products, and bug patches are all available. Here is the article about New World update 4.0.2 Patch Notes, Know more about New World update 4.0.2 Patch Notes, Please read this article in Gaming Acharya. Players can now leave their group again thanks to the unusual glitch that prevented it.

New World Update 4.0.2

We have deliberately tuned the confusion of the game’s story in this version, injecting it with a plethora of twists and turns. Prepare to be surprised by the richness of character interactions and captivating plotlines that flawlessly intertwine Aeternum’s history, present, and future. Each quest unfolds a plot so deep that it challenges the fundamental fabric of traditional storytelling.

Expect the unexpected as you travel through this intriguing realm. Unravel the mysteries of ancient treasures, solve cryptic riddles, and battle mysterious opponents with ambiguous agendas. Accept the many dimensions of the New World, where every decision you make has a significant ripple impact that ripples across the realms.

Players can now leave their group again thanks to the unusual glitch that prevented it. Fixed an issue wherein if the player was hurt while closing a Corruption Portal, Azoth staff VFX would become stuck on weapons. Corrected a spelling error in the Heir to the Sands quest description. During musical performances, an issue that caused a white UI box to show up was correct.

What’s new in New World Update 4.0.2 Patch Notes

Fixed an issue that prevented users from using the Skip button on the Summary screen that appears after an invasion. Friendship Accepted messages for current friends no longer show up while accessing Outpost Rush. Because PvP Arena backfill has improved, players in the queue are now more likely to enter pre-match games. The passive haste boost for Dodge and Weave was not removed if the player swapped weapons in the middle of a dodge.

Set off Heartrune’s detonation. A bug in VFX has rectifie, making it visible in densely congested combat zones. Fixed an issue that prevented players from purchasing the unearned Gear Set Slot in the store if they had not obtained the Level 100 Season 1 Pass Reward. To coincide with the potential prize, Gypsum Casts for Shields have adjusted to Epic rarity.

The visual impact of Arena barriers has improved for the Season 2 Trials. Fixed a visual issue with a guitar-playing NPC. The type of Prisma Bloom needed to proceed in the Passion for Prisma Bloom Journey challenge has changed to Desert Rose Prisma Bloom. The placeholder text for the Trophy of Blood of the Sands tooltip has changed.

New World Update 4.0.2 Patch Notes Latest 2024

To Conclude

Fix a problem where the name of the Buckler of the Briar Rose was positioned incorrectly on the reward track and on the skin. The problem that prevents the completion of the song for the Journey assignment Call of the Ancients from being correctly recorded has been fixed. Fixed a problem that prevented Hadish Azar from using his wipe move effectively when everyone in the arena was knocked out.

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