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FGO New Year Panel Mission 2024 Guide & Rewards

FGO New Year Panel Mission for 2024 is out. There will be missions like to defeat 3 Dragon enemies in combat. There are also many tasks and objectives for the same. More on New Year Panel Mission for Fate Grand Order are here now at ga.

The first set of tasks will be to collect round items. Next you must clear small mini battles against enemies. There will also be battles against FGO super giant enemies too. Another task is to play with a Japanese servant and clear some quests.

Waterside free tasks, collecting white colored items and beating divine enemies are all other challenges for this part too. Some tasks are all about slaying 20+ foes in a single mission battle. These all can be completed with the best squad members in your team.

FGO New Year Panel Mission 2024 Guide & Rewards

FGO New Year Panel Mission 2024 Guide & Rewards

The last set of challenges are to beat sky attribute bosses and the legendary mighty king servant too. This is an essential part of the FGO new year panel mission for 2024 currently.  You can must also go with the best squads to complete these types of challenges in the game.

AP, Bond, Village Time and Ship Time are all the major rewards for the new year panel mission for Fate Grand Order in 2024. Complete the entire set of quests and claim all your exclusive resources and rewards.

FGO new year panel missions for January and February 2024 are already out. The list will also keep getting better and bigger. So complete all tasks and increase your rewards. By doing all these, you can also progress faster in the campaign of Fate Grand Order game too.

About The Game

FGO New Year Panel Mission 2024 Guide & Rewards

Fate Grand Order is a turn-based RPG game for mobile. The motive for all adventurers is to save the future. The game has main campaign challenges and many character quests too. You can choose skills, classes and wield a slashing sword weapon for battles in the game’s arena.

The story is set in the 2017 A.D of Chaldea and it’s also confirmed that the earth will disappear in 2019. Suddenly in A.D 2004, a provincial town in Japan made its ways and this has given hope to all people.

You must be an investigator and summoner at the same time to find all secrets behind the disaster. Fate Grand Order is an incredible RPG gacha game to play right now. It has some amazing features and top-notch content for all players too.

The sixth experiment is now on cards which will also take you all back to the past through a time machine too. Humans will all be sent and spiritrons. You will become heroic spirits and the goal is to solve the puzzle mystery on how humans disappeared too.

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