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Starcat Locations Guide Destiny 2 Latest 2024

Destiny 2’s cosmos is teeming with secrets, and the latest addition to its menagerie is both adorable and elusive, the Starcat locations guide Destiny 2. These mischievous felines have taken refuge across Dreaming City and beyond, awaiting discovery by vigilant Guardians. Therefore in this comprehensive article we are going to discuss the Starcat Locations Guide.

Starcat Locations Guide Destiny 2 Latest 2024

Collecting all of them not only grants the coveted Wyrmguard Ghost Shell but also advances the Familiar Felines Triumph, a crucial step towards claiming the prestigious Wish Bearer Title. Fear not, intrepid Guardians, for this comprehensive guide is your roadmap to every Starcat, unraveling the mysteries one purr at a time.

Destiny 2 Starcat Locations

Seek out the rocky spire in the northeast corner near the Eliksni ship crash site. Your Starcat companion elegantly lounges here. Venture to the southeast platform accessible through a broken window near the boss arena. The Starcat awaits by the curved wall. Start from the Garden of Esila and cast your eyes upon the cliff face above the fallen skiff wreckage. Spot the Starcat in a small cave entrance.

In the north, ascend the rocks near the crashed ship and leap across the gap to a hidden ledge. The Starcat perches on a pillar. Head directly south from the main landing zone, scaling the rocks behind a massive tree. The Starcat dozes on a platform with a serene view. Traverse the northwest corner, following the path around the cliff until you discover a small cave with a waterfall. The Starcat finds solace within.

Enter the Blind Well and navigate to the central island. Ascend the rocks on the south side, uncovering the Starcat napping on a lofty ledge. After vanquishing Vorgeth, gaze upward near the entrance to find the Starcat perched on a precarious rock formation. Amidst Plant the First Seed mission, spot the Starcat on a branch in the southeast corner of the first encounter area.

All Starcat Locations Guide Destiny 2

During the final boss fight, obliterate the Taken Blight on the left platform and look to the highest beam to glimpse the Starcat. While tackling the “Defeat Nokris” objective, navigate to the back left platform after crossing the bridge. The Starcat resides on a pillar above the Taken portal. In the midst of the “Defeat Dul Incaru, Daughter of Oryx” objective, locate the Starcat on a rock ledge above the central island in the boss arena.

Currently experiencing a bug, but scrutinize the region near the final boss arena for a glimpse of this elusive Starcat. Another catnap enthusiast facing a bug. Keep a vigilant eye on the boss arena and its surroundings for the eventual appearance of this Starcat. Utilize effects like “Whisper of Waves” or “Whisper of Smoke” to illuminate hidden paths and ledges.

Equip the Way of the Pathfinder subclass for Hunters, empowering yourself with the Gamblers Dodge ability for an extra jump to access hard-to-reach spots. Starcats are masters of camouflage; remember to scan both the heavens above and the depths below. Keep checking back throughout the season; Bungie may unleash additional Starcats in the weeks to come.

Starcat Locations Guide Destiny 2 Latest 2024

To Conclude

By faithfully following this guide, you will soon have a harmonious chorus of Starcats in your collection. Guardians, every meow brings you closer to the coveted Wish Bearer Title embrace the feline quest with determination and finesse. For visual learners, we’ve included timestamps in the linked sources for detailed video walkthroughs of each Destiny 2 Starcat location.

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