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Pure Fiction Honkai Star Rail Guide & Tips #1

The pure fiction Honkai Star Rail guide helps you all to get the best four-star characters from this new in-game mode. More on Honkai Star Rail pure fiction mode is here on ga now.

This new pure fiction is a permanent game mode in Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update it will be available forever. This game mode also has lots of mini games and challenges for adventurers. Complete goals and targets in this game mode.

Players also have to secure more points in the Pure Fiction game mode to claim all rewards. You can play this at any trailblazer and equilibrium levels in the game too. This challenge can be sometimes tricky for you all.

Pure Fiction Honkai Star Rail Guide

Pure Fiction Honkai Star Rail Guide & Tips #1

After completing the Trailblaze Mission “Xianzhou Luofu : Demise of Immortality, Finale of Calamity,” and reaching Equilibrium Level 3 or high, you will gain access to this Honkai Star Rail game mode easily too.

Play with 2 teams and choose different buffs. Also you can all choose different lineups. The pure fiction game mode challenges also have two different exclusive nodes too currently.

The key to success in Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction mode is to use the best team combinations and skills. You can all keep changing your combos and swap skills frequently to win this game mode.

Pure fiction Honkai Star Rail guide will be highly effective and useful for you all. Win all exclusive challenges and summon the best characters as your rewards too.

About Honkai Star Rail 

Honkai Star Rail is a stunning 3d adventure RPG from the HoYoverse team. You can play it on phone, PC, and PlayStation  right now.An amazing 3D adventure game from the same makers of Genshin Impact is now available for PC, PS and Mobile. This game has been intriguing right from the start to the end.

Honkai Star Rail is also very much similar to the Genshin Impact game. Here, you can roam across all planets, worlds, and simulated universes too. Play as a character and then meet bosses in all planets of the game right now and complete all your new tasks too.

You can bash trash cans and other objects on the grounds and claim all essential Honkai Star Rail rewards and resources. HSR credits are also essential to get light cones, eidolons and also more skills too. Every thing is essential to fight against bosses and elite enemies.

There are plenty of units and boss battles too. Honkai Star Rail allows us to play as any units. You can all then use the stellar jade to get all exclusive rewards for winning everything. You can also open random trash cans on roads of Honkai Star Rail to get all exclusive credits and currency rewards too.

There are main Trailblazer Honkai Star Rail missions too and this will also unlock new missions too. Finish them and earn all exclusive resources too. This game has some tough boss fights, but you can team up with the best Honkai Star Rail Characters to complete them too.

Pure fiction Honkai Star Rail

All units have to explore the simulated universes and complete missions too. Every unit has access to light cones and skills too. You can also play as units from various paths and elements too. Overall, this is another stunning anime adventure game from the same makers of Genshin Impact too.

Honkai Star Rail has many similar features to that of Genshin Impact. Both are also good and have plenty. This game is available for PC, Mobile, and PlayStation is also coming soon too. Honkai Star Rail is absolutely a free-to-play game too just like the Genshin Impact one.

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