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Cargo Perils Event AFK Arena Guide 2024!

Is the Cargo Perils event AFK Arena good? Can you complete all stages easily by taking all stars in each round of this event? More on AFK Arena cargo perils event is here at ga.

Cargo Perils Event guide is all about finding the best pets and heroes. For heroes and pets, you can go above level 13 with the best available skills. Even the new pet Panda Dumpty is available too.

Cargo Perils Event AFK Arena

Cargo Perils Event AFK Arena Guide 2024!

First you must all clear the 40th stage to activate the fantastic beasts. The Cargo Perils in AFK Arena is also the 8th round under the fantastic beasts event. The first 7 stages shall be easy if you all go with the strongest heroes and all exclusive pet skills.

Owl, Panda Dumpty, Flutterplume, Abelinda and Jerome Palmer are the best heroes for all rounds. Clearing each stage in the AFK Arena Cargo Perils event 2024 can also be tricky. But the goal is to farm more xp and collect all stars as well too.

Keep winning more stages and progress in this exclusive Cargo Perils event in AFK Arena game. This can also be your goal to level up faster in the game too. New pets and beasts are also available. So, make use of the chance and win all new mini-games in the events.

The best cargo perils event guide for AFK Arena players and gamers is to use the right formation and correct skills for all pets and heroes. This will help you to secure all exclusive gifts and rewards too.

About AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a good RPG. This idle RPG has proper gacha elements and can be played on both PC and Mobile. The game has different modes and lots of characters are seen too.

The new Shadow Invasions more in AFK Arena is a roguelike survival game mode. You can use more than 20 unique skills to tussle against all monsters in the game. The goal is to survive till the game ends.

You can join one Faction and also choose some heroes. Recruit the best squads and line up then strategically. Also use buffs and special abilities in the game. This is the key to success in AFK Arena game.

Cargo Perils Event AFK Arena

The main motive is to defeat Celestials, Dimensionals, Hypogeans, and more ancient evil enemies. As these monsters are a threat to the realm of Esperia, it’s your goal to slay them. The campaign stories take place in king’s tower zones.

The game has PvP and turn-based battles. Keep leveling up and explore campaign adventure missions. These exclusive challenges can get you all major in-game resources and rewards.

Overall, this AFK Arena is an amazing RPG game with some new live events too. The game has many content which can be cherished by all RPG lovers and gamers. You can play it for free on both PC and Mobile too.


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