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Anime Champions Simulator Apple: Find And Collect All Three Apples!

Anime Champions Simulator Apple: Players have completed the Apple picking quest in the game where you have to collect apples. Collecting this apple you will complete the Apple Picking quest and you will be rewarded with some amazing abilities. Is a charming little side quest that captures the hearts of many players. So let’s embark on an amazing journey to complete the Anime Champions Simulator Apple quest.

In this Quest The Hunt itself an adventure that will lead you to some fantastic landscapes and also introduce you to a quirky character on the way. Let’s grab your spirit and get ready to hunt off those Anime Champions Simulator Apples and be rewarded with some power. In this guide, we will help you to find the apples and make you complete the challenge.

Anime Champions Simulator Apple

Anime Champions Simulator Apple:-

In Anime Champions Simulator Apple Quest very players have to find or collect three apples, A red apple, a green apple, and a yellow Apple. All three apples are scattered around the game map players have to find each apple to complete the quest.

As this quest is given by the Apple Picking Villager which is located just outside the training grounds. You have to find and collect one red apple, one green apple, and one yellow apple. Once you find all three apples you can return to the apple-picking villager to complete the quest. Once you complete the Apple Picking Quest you will rewarded with a special item.

Location Of Anime Champions Simulator Apple:-

  • Red Apple Location: The red apple near the waterfall, please behind the rock on the left side.

Anime Champions Simulator Apple

  • Green Apple Location: You will find the green apple in the forest, It is behind the tree near the center.

Anime Champions Simulator Apple

  • Yellow Apple Location: The yellow Apple will be found in the desert, on a cactus near an entrance.

Anime Champions Simulator Apple

Tip To Collect Anime Champions Simulator Apple:-

Always look up and around a tree, as the apples are not always visible from the ground. Start the challenge during the day because the apples can easily be seen in the sunlight. You have to find an apple tree because the apples are located on trees.


The Apple picking Quest is available for all the players for all levels. You can repeat the Quest multiple Times and get additional rewards also. This means you can complete this Quest as many times as you want and you will get a reward every time you complete it. You can also play other Apple-related requests in the game so if you want to know about those quests comment and we will make another article on that quest separately.

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