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Chaotic Evil Servants FGO: Chaotic Evil Locations!

Chaotic Evil Servants FGO is a way crazier villain in the game. They just don’t want to rule the world but want to mess things up for fun. Chaotic Evil FGO is just like a prankster God who causes mass confusion and a thirsty Monster who just wants to destroy things.

Here in this article, we will go to see some of the excellent examples of chaotic Evil servants in FGO. Even we also share their locations in the game where you can interact with them. In this guide, we will dual deeper into the twisted tales and not know all about them in detail. So keep reading this article and know all about them.

Chaotic Evil Servants FGO

Chaotic Evil Servants FGO:-

Chaotic Evil Servants FGO are bad guys who are driven by their desires and agenda. They don’t care about reality and do whatever they want to do. They love to create mischief and destroy many things in the game. These Chaotic Evil FGOs are all misbehaving tricksters and brutal berserkers with immense power and unpredictable personalities.

The priority is there on goals and desires and they will not think twice to harm others to do this. They have also up unpredictable nature as their action and alliances shift regularly which makes them difficult to trust or control.

Chaotic Evil FGO:

Here are some excellent examples of Chaotic Evil Servants FGO you can get.

Gilles De Rais (Caster): He was once a rewind military leader and a champion of Joan of Arc. After her death, he was consumed by dark desires and seeking immorality through a forbidden ritual. He becomes a serial killer of children and earns the moniker “Bluebeard. He can manifest monsters and castor servants which field by a twisted desire and building demonic spells.

Chaotic Evil Servants FGO

Goetia: He very bad Monster who is made up of lots of souls. He wants to smash everything to beats. He is super crazy But just following orders like a zombie robot.


Chaotic Evil Servants FGO

Gorgon: She is a Medusa girl Chaotic Evil FGO who has eyes that turn people into stone. But she is nice and protects her friends. She is just trying to live with her scary powers


Chaotic Evil Servants FGO .

Jekyll & Hyde: He is a two-faced Chaotic Evil Servants FGO in one body. Once he is a good doctor and sudden he becomes a bad monster. He frequently fights with a good doctor and a bad Monster inside him all the time. He can be super strong but unpredictively weak.

Chaotic Evil Servants FGO

FGO Chaotic Evil Servants Location:-

As for the FGO Chaotic Servants Location, there is not a fixed location of all this Chaotic Evil FGO. They will appear in any story chapters or event and even a summoning pools. So if you want to get FGO Chaotic Evil Servants Location, then here are some alternatives that help you to find them.

  • Goetia – Avalon le Fae Storyline.
  • Gorgon – Chaldea Summer Adventure Event.
  • Henry Jekyll and Hyde – The specific origin chapter isn’t explicitly mentioned.
  • Hessian Lobo – In the Shinjuku chapter of the main story.


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