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How to Complete Nikke 6-15 Stage? – Easy Guide is Here!

Goddess Of Victory Nikke 6-15 stage quest has been a tougher one for the players to complete with. As most of the Nikke players just finished stage 6-12 successfully, but right now many users are struggling hard to complete the Nikke stage 6-15 quest. Here’s GA complete guide to successfully complete and accomplish the Nikke 6-15 stage challenges easily here.

As players are unable to complete the Nikke stage 6-15, many players lack with the stats, some are lacking with mechanics of Nikke, while many don’t have the skills to complete the Nikke competitive mode levels easily.

Many players of Nikke are yet to complete the main quest 6-15, some even increase their blues to win in these Nikke quests. It’s all about the best characters of Nikke covering all the targets, sub targets and going with the best ranked soldiers to finish these Nikke 6-12, Nikke 6-15, 6-16 level stage challenges easily.

How to Complete NIKKE 6-15 Stage – Know it Here 

Nikke 6-15 stage

As the gamers and fans of NIKKE have been struggling to exceed the game’s 6-15 stage level, what could be the issues and complications for the Nikke players at completing the stages from 6-12, know it here

The major problems for completion of Nikke 6-15 stage is players are getting stuck with the gas attacks, and not able to raise the levels too.

Even the players of Nikke who are with level 60 and level 70 couldn’t pass through the 6-15 stages, that’s how the difficulty of Nikke 6 to 15 stages are for all the players.

Many Nikke players are wanting to know the skills that avoid the poison gas attacks in the battles, even with 5 campaign level mode the players with the best Nikkes like Snow White, Scarlet and Harren couldn’t complete it.

More Guide to Complete NIKKE 6-15 Stage

Nikke 6-15

As most of the players struggle with the poison gas, and some of the Nikkes have weaker effective ranging shots and with no penetration. Some Nikke users couldn’t progress in the stage 6-15 when the opponents keep smoking in the base defense battles of the game.

While the best tips and tricks to complete the Nikke 6-15 staged main quests can be done by,

  • Playing with the top-tier Nikke character
  • Playing below the public community level with powers and stats having buff
  • Play with level 60 in Nikke
  • Have more HP to attack the monsters in these 6-15 stages of Nikke
  • Improve the AoE to win in the 6-15, 6-12, 6-16, 6-24 main quests of the Nikke game
  • Play with Centi, Drake and sugar as many Nikke users have won with this trip easily that too just with a single auto rifle shot for the game’s 6-15 stages main quests

These can be the tips and guide to win in the Goddess Of Victory: Nikke Game’s level 6-15 stages main quests with level 60 and any campaign level modes too.

That’s all the easy steps and tips for Nikke players to complete the Nikke 6-15, 6-12, 6-24 stages and their main quests. Upgrade your Nikkes, go with the best stats for the battles.

The rewards for completion of Nikke 6-15 stages could be credits, gems and core dust for the players now.


That’s a wrap for Nikke 6-15 stage guide from our Gaming Acharya end. With this ga guide the players of Nikke Goddess of Victory can easily complete the level 6-15 stages. All tips and guide for Nikke 6-15, 6-12 and 6-24 have all been given now here.

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