Nikke Lost Relics Locations, Blueprints & More

Are you searching for the Goddess Of Victory: Nikke Lost Relics locations yet? The Nikke is an intriguing sci-fi shooter game and now the players of Nikke are all tasked with finding the lost relics locations, hotel blueprints, lost relics observatory blueprint locations and more in Nikke.

Here’s the GA guide to find and identify the lost relics and blueprints locations in Nikke. The lost relics and blueprints are available on all the areas of Nikke, each lost relic location and the observation, and hotel blueprints can be found in several chapters of the game.

Players must explore all parts of Nikke and specifically search in all the chapters and pages to find all the lost relics, blueprints, observatory blueprints locations, and more in Nikke.

Nikke Lost Relics Locations – All Details Here

Nikke Lost Relics Locations

As already told, the lost relics in Nikke will be spread and available at all the areas, the lost relics can easily be identified with the caution notification icon which pops up when you stand on the relics itself. The lost relics are mostly seen in the third story chapter of Nikke.

Before you could collect the Nikke lost relics hotel blue prints and observation blueprints, make sure that you also complete all the chapter 3 stages and challenges of Nikke.

The collection of lost relics will also help you to obtain more gems and other in-game rewards from NIKKE.

So obtaining the lost relics in NIKKE game is just an easy task, the lost relics are spread and scattered at all the places of the map, just make sure to stand on the relics and wait for the notification warning icon which pops up, then select and equip it.

Once you acquire a set of relics collection in NIKKE, you will be able to use all the lost relics and also get the 100 gems as your rewards, along with the relics make sure to find the blueprints, currencies, materials and other items of Nikke.

More About Lost Relics & Blueprints Locations in NIKKE 

Nikke Lost Relics Locations

Just like the relics, the blueprints which are available in several categories can be found at the chapters of Nikke where all these spawn.

Nikke has blueprints in Chapter 3 and Chapter 4, all these blueprints are on the top of the lost relics, the list of blueprints in Nikke are here,

  • Police Station Blueprints
  • Maid Cafe Blueprints
  • Observatory Blueprints
  • Toy Shop Blueprints
  • Generator Blueprints
  • Train Station Blueprints
  • Workshop & Armory Blueprints

These are the lost relics blueprints in Nikke, which are available at the chapter 3 campaign and 4, complete the Nikke chapter stages, explore the maps to find the spawning blueprints.

The observatory blueprint is at the chapter 3 campaign, likewise the hotel blueprints keep spawning at the same chapter 3 story.

All the chapter 3 and chapter 4 stages of Nikke can be completed with the best strategy, characters and weapons, one blueprint will be available at one chapter, for eg one hotel blueprint can be found at the Chapter 3 of lost relics.


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