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Kick of Destiny 2: Gronkowski Journey To Redemption!

Kick of Destiny 2 Is a 2024 Super Bowl campaign from Fanduel. This Kick to Destiny 2 campaign features Rob Gronkowski, who is a former NFL tight end. He attempted a life field gold during a commercial break and unfortunately missed it.

But this year Rob Gronkowski is back for redemption and to let you know that the states are even higher than before. Here in this article, we will share with you what we know about Kick of Destiny 2 so far. We will share all the information and details about this ad campaign. Now without any further delay drive into the information and know all about the Kick of Destiny 2.

Kick of Destiny 2

Kick of Destiny 2: Journey To Redemption:-

In this Kick of Destiny 2 Rob Gronkowski will again attempt the life field gold but now this time it won’t be during a commercial break. The kick will be added as a standalone event just before the kickoff. It will add more suspense and excitement to the pregame festivals.

Last year he missed the goal on live field now Rob Gronkowski is determined to make a goal. He is been training hard and he is confident that he can nail the kick-in this year. This year Rob Gronkowski added a new interactive element to the campaign. Where customers will place a free pick on whether Rob Gronkowski will make the goal or miss in the Fanduel Sportsbook app.

And those who pick a correct guess will win an equal share of $10 million in bonus bets. And to let you know that the campaign has already generated lots of buzz, fans are eager to see if Rob Gronkowski can finally kick into Super Bowl history.

Kick of Destiny 2



Now the final video spot is to male the kick in the life field attempt. VC Garg lining on the field and the pressure is getting higher with each passing second. Now tell me will he finally kick into Super Bowl history or will the Ghost of the Past come at him and haunt him?


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