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Destiny 2 Constellation Lock Quest Complete Guide Latest 2024

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish brings forth weekly challenges that push Guardians to their limits, and the Constellation Lock quest is no exception. In this comprehensive guide we are going to discuss all about Destiny 2 Constellation Lock Quest. In pursuit of the coveted Catalyst for the Wish-Keeper bow, this guide serves as your celestial map, guiding you through the intricacies of the quest, from discovering the Celestial Anomaly to conquering the constellation puzzle. 

Destiny 2 Constellation Lock Quest Complete Guide Latest 2024

Your journey begins at the Helm in the Tower, where the enigmatic Mara Sov beckons. Accept the Constellation Lock quest from her, igniting the spark that will lead you to unlock the hidden potential of the Wish-Keeper bow. The quest steers you towards the Spine of Keres, a clandestine location within the Dreaming City. Traverse the Divalian Mist landing zone and head towards the Harbinger’s Seclude. 

Destiny 2 Constellation Lock

Along the path, a discreet passage on the left unveils the entrance to the Spine of Keres. Inside this mystical space, an ethereal vertical beam of light beckons. Approach and interact with the Celestial Anomaly, unveiling a cryptic message etched into the night sky. Gazing upwards, the night sky reveals an array of radiant stars. Armed with the Wish-Keeper bow, or any other weapon if needed, shoot these stars to piece together the constellation displayed in the message. 

For the Constellation Lock quest, the celestial puzzle takes the form of a padlock. String together the stars to mimic the lock’s intricate pattern, unlocking the next phase of your journey. As the celestial puzzle takes shape, the quest transforms, directing you to face the Star Crossed mission on Legend difficulty. Assemble your fireteam and brace for a formidable challenge. For those daring to go solo, the mission awaits as a test of individual prowess.

Communication within your fireteam is paramount. Coordinate attacks, strategize revives, and adapt swiftly to the varied tactics of your adversaries. Though any weapon can solve the celestial puzzle, the Wish-Keeper bow proves advantageous. Its bonus precision damage against the glowing stars makes it the weapon of choice for many Guardians. The Dreaming City conceals secrets within its labyrinthine paths. 

How to complete Destiny 2 Constellation Lock Quest

While in the Spine of Keres, take the time to explore, for hidden treasures may unveil themselves to those with a discerning eye. Upon conquering the challenges of the Star-Crossed mission on Legend difficulty, return triumphant to Mara Sov at the Helm. Your reward for this celestial odyssey is the Constellation Lock Catalyst, a key to unlocking the latent potential of your Wish-Keeper bow. The Constellation Lock Catalyst bestows the “Multi-Threaded Snare” perk. 

This enhancement elongates the duration of the bow’s charged shot’s snare effect, applying it to enemies struck by the initial arrow. The Catalyst elevates the bow’s crowd control capabilities, rendering it an invaluable asset in the face of formidable adversaries. Should you have any queries or seek further clarification, drop a comment below. May your arrows find their mark amidst the celestial tapestry.

Destiny 2 Constellation Lock Quest Complete Guide Latest 2024

To Conclude

In conclusion, the Constellation Lock quest is a thrilling expedition, challenging both your knowledge of the Dreaming City’s secrets and your combat prowess. This guide, when followed diligently, ensures that you are well-equipped to unlock the formidable Constellation Lock Catalyst for your Wish-Keeper bow. Arm yourself with courage, Guardian, and let the celestial adventure unfold before you.

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