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Dark and Darker All Quests & Guide January 2024!

How to complete Dark and Darker all quests right now in 2024? The patch 2 update version for Dark and Darker has also included many new challenges and missions for the game. These quests also offer some exclusive rewards for you all. Dark and Darker merchant quests have been launched and released through the latest patch update in the game too.

New merchants quests start from the Armoursmith in Dark and Darker game. For the Armoursmith quest, you can also play in any dungeon in the game. Without losing your health make sure to kill 75 skeletons. This is a very simple quest in the game currently with only limited objectives too.

Dark and Darker all quests

For the Goblin Merchant quest in Dark and Darker, you must slay 15 Goblin Warriors, Archers and Axe Man. Next for the Leathersmith quest, you must all survive in the Goblin Cave and Goblin Cave High Roller dungeons.

Dark and Darker all quests

Next for the Treasurer quest of Dark and Darker, you must all kill 3 Cockatrice. For the Weaponsmith quest, kill 50 players after reaching the level 15 in the Dark and Darker game.

Dark and Darker All Quests & Guide November 2024!

For the Woodsman quest, your task is to slay 10 Giant Bats, 5 Cockatrice and 25 Dire Wolf. This task is somewhat challenging to play right now.

For the Nicholas Dark and Darker quest, you must all kill 5 Rangers, Warlock, Rogues, Wizards, Cleric, Bard, Fighter, Barbarians. Then you should also survive in dungeons like Crypt Normal, Crypt High Roller, Goblin Cave, Goblin Cave High Roller.

For the Tailor quest, kill 5, Demon Bats, 7 Skeleton Mages, and 3 Demon Berserkers. For the final Tavern Master quest, your goal is to destroy 15 Skeleton Archers, 15 Skeleton Guardman and 15 Skeleton Footman.

Once you complete all these new Dark and Darker quests, your rewards are Exp, Gold Coins, Boots, Gloves, and Pendants. All Dark and Darker merchant quests are out now. The season 2 patch update of dark and Darker has brought in all these new content for fans. Play the game and unlock new rewards as well.

Complete Dark and Darker all quests and progress in the story. These new campaign missions and tasks are all exclusive for all players in the game too. So, complete them and earn all your new freebies.

About the Game

Dark and Darker is a dark dungeon crawler and RPG. A brilliant fantasy game where you have to explore mystical underground locations and other dungeons as well. This multiplayer first-person shooter game has some amazing features too.

Dark and Darker is also a battle royale game too. A fantasy extraction game where the story takes place in a dark medieval settings and periods too.

Play the PvPvE game battle against all monsters and the game also has some Roguelike elements too. Survive all games and matches of Dark and Darker to get all rewards and loot items too.

The interesting feature of the Dark and Darker game is all areas get shortened once the battle begins. And you get more closer to all foes and enemies too.

You can also exchange, trade, and share items to your friends on Dark and Darker. Explore all dungeons and magical locations in the fantasy world to annihilate all enemies too.

As of now, you can play Dark and Darker only on the PC/Windows. More platforms for Dark and Darker might also come sooner than expected too.

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