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New Ronopoly Event Ragnarok Origin: How To Complete The Event?

Ronopoly Event Ragnarok Origin is a festival Christmas theme event that gives you exciting rewards by completing some challenges. In this event, there are two main components Ronopoly and the Reindeer race. Ronopoly is a board game where the player has to roll dice and move around a board to collect rewards by completing tasks.

In Reindeer race it is a racing event where you have to compete against each other to win the prize. The new Event Ronopoly And Reindeer In Ragnarok Origin have a special Christmas-themed costume and items to earn as a reward. Here in this guide, we will give you a full walk-through of Ronopoly Event Ragnarok Origin. And show you how to complete the Ronopoly And Reindeer event.

Ronopoly Event Ragnarok Origin

Ronopoly Event Ragnarok Origin: Walkthrough:-

In Ronopoly and Reindeer Event Ragnarok Origin, you have to help the center Who needs help to get back their stolen Christmas goodies from Antonio and his bands of evil reindeer. Antonio is the mastermind behind this mischief or we can say he is a formidable foe. He appears every 20 minutes in the southern region and offers players three attempts to defeat him daily.

You have to defeat Antonio and retrieve all the items and goodies to restore the Christmas cheer to the ground. Once you defeat Antonio, you some valuable rewards such as Christmas-themed costumes and Special Event Currency.

How To Complete New Event Ronopoly And Reindeer In Ragnarok Origin?

Here is a comprehensive guide to completing the Ronopoly and Reindeer Event in Ragnarok Origin. First, you have to help the center retrieve the Christmas goods then you have to complete the Ronopoly challenge and lastly you have to complete the Reindeer race. So let start by helping Santa.

Helping Santa:

Head to the southeast region of Payon, it is marked by a festive Christmas tree icon on the game map. Just keep an eye on the red aura which indicates MVP Antonio’s presence. You can attempt solo but I suggest you to team up with your fellow adventures to increase your chance of defeating Antonio.

Just co-ordinate with them and attack on him, utilize buffs and debuffs strategies and defend each other. By doing this you will easily defeat Antony and retrieve all the Christmas goodis for Santa. Don’t worry you will also earn valuable rewards, items and event special currency.

Ronopoly Event Ragnarok Origin


Go to the Festival Ronopoly board and interact it to start the challenge. In this challenge you have to roll the dice and move your character across the squares. In each squares you will get various surprises and challenges to complete. Will give you different task which you have to complete and collect valuable rewards such as Neon Berries, Event Exclusive Consumables or Ronopoly Dice.

Ronopoly Event Ragnarok Origin

Reindeer Race:

Last challenge in this Ronopoly Event Ragnarok Origin is Reindeer Race. To start it reaches the race track which is Mark by a Reindeer icon on your map. If you didn’t have any rain there you can rent a Reindeer mount for racing you can use Neon Berries which you earn by completing Ronopoly Roll a Dice tasks. Choose the Reindeer according wisely because every reindeers have their unique strength and weaknesses. Once you choose the Reindeer, start the race.

Use your inner Reindeer and navigate the snowy course which is filled with obstacles and power ups. Collect all the speed boost to speed up your Reindeer and also does the slippery patch in the race track. If you reach the finish line first you will win the race and an exclusive rewards. The main reward is a permanent rent near mount, exclusive Randy or theme costume and use amount of Neon Berries.


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