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Destiny 2 Final Shape 2025: Delay By March 2025?

Destiny 2 Final Shape 2025: We know that Destiny 2 Final Shape is delayed to June 2024 but there is another rumor about the Destiny 2 The Final Shape delay. I saw an article that says that Destiny 2 Final Shape is delayed to March 2025 and I know players will not be happy after hearing this news. It also said that Bobby Kotick is taking over at Bungie and the studio for developing the anthem.

However, this information is not announced on any official page. And we know that Bungie has not always announced the release date of the game very far in advance. It usually announces the release date before 2 or 3 months. Here in this article, we will see whether this Destiny 2 Final Shape 2025 is correct or not. As we research on this topic and brings you the real news.

Destiny 2 Final Shape 2025

Destiny 2 Final Shape 2025: Delay Again:-

I had gone through the article that claims that Destiny 2 Final Shape was delayed to March 2025. Also says that Bobby Kotick takes over Bungie and the studio for developing Anthem. As there is not much detailed information in this article it is not a good option to trust this information without any official confirmation.

I am saying that because before approaching such information we have to consider several factors such as lack of official confirmation, unreliable sources, whether the information is true or not, unrealistic timeline, and more. All these factors are very important before you reliable any information.

Bungie has not given any official information regards Destiny 2 Final Shape Delay, Bobby Kotick’s takeover of Bungie, or the studio anthem. The official website or social media pages haven’t mentioned any of this information.

As far as we know that destiny 2 final shape is delayed to June 2024. Bungie first announced that they would release the final shape on 27 February 2024 but for some reason, they have to delay it. They have to make some more improvements and to do this they need more time so day delay the release date.

Now we heard that the developer delayed Destiny 2 Final Shape 2025. But the article that mentioned detail is not an official website of Destiny 2 so it could be a rumor or a speculation. And the information about Bobby Kotick taking over Bungie is a false statement.

He is the CEO of Activation Blazed, accompanied by a complex and good relationship with Bungie. Bungie also gained independence from activation in 2019 and maintains its own leadership and development structures.

Destiny 2 Final Shape 2025

Destiny 2 Final Shape Delay: Real Fact:-

There are all the true information based on the official source.

The official release date is scheduled for June 2024 and there has been no official confirmation of any further delay. Bungie is a developer with no involvement from Bobby Kotick or Activision Blizzard.


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