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Surprised to see me Loldle Quote Solution #529

What’s the solution for Surprised to see me LoL Quote? The new League of Legends wordle quote is now available. It’s time to find the answer for Surprised to see me LoL quest. Surprised to see me League champion answer is here now at our ga guide end.

Finding Loldle quote of the day answers can be tricky. As there are more than 150 characters in the League of Legends game, you must all focus on listening to the voice over clearly. This can be utilized only if you fail to guess the champion in the first five attempts.

Now the LoLdle quote of the day question for December 18, 2023 is out. LoL Surprised to see me Loldle quote of the day solution can be challenging if you are not aware of all champions in the game. But let’s find the solution to Surprised to see me League of Legends quote of the day here.

Surprised to see me

Surprised to see me Loldle Quote Solution #529

Surprised to see me


The champion who said Surprised to see me Loldle quest is LeBlanc Explore the LoLdle game and input the answer to today’s quest. Surprised to see me Loldle quote solution is Rakan.

Every day, the quote question keeps changing for Loldle game. But sometimes the LoL quote of the day quotes also keep repeating. And the same champion of League of Legends will also say different quotes, so you have to be aware of all the quotes in the game. Now play the loldle quote quest and answer surprised to ses me. 


The LoL quote of the day for Dec 18th 2023, is Surprised to see me and the solution for the same has also been given here now. So, it’s time to play the game and answer all puzzle questions. Open the LoLdle website or launch the app and enter the given answer.

 About LoLdle 

Loldle is always an amazing quiz game to play. Earlier the Wordle became one of the sensational word based games in the world.  Right now, League of Legends fans have come up with the loldle.

Loldle is a unique puzzle where five types of quiz will be available. All quizzes are different and you will be given different hints like characters voice and style. Using that and the given choices, you can also find the right LoL answers every day.

LoL quote is one of the best quizzes. This loldle game has been there for more than a year and fans are still finding it effective. League of Legends Wordle is something unique that will also help players to find characters’ names just by listening to their voice overs. Be it Loldle quote, emoji or classic, everything has been exciting.

To play the Loldle game, you can simply explore the Loldle.net official website and start answering all questions as well. Even the publishers have launched the official Loldle app and you can download it for free on both Google Play Store and App Store.

The makers of Loldle have also come up with new Word games like Smashdle and Pokedle. All are similar to the LoLdle games. Thousands of players will play the Loldle game. For the LoL Quote, you can all guess it in five attempts, or else you will be given an audio clue.

You will listen to the voice of a particular League of Legends champion’s voice. By listening to that, you can guess the answer. This is overall an amazing quiz game to play. Besides playing LoL game, you can always try out on these word games for a fun experience.



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