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How to Get the Seal of Approval Gun Buddy in Valorant?#2

Seal of approval gun buddy in Valorant is now available. The makers have also shared the latest redeem codes to get this gun buddy. Find the steps to get the Valorant Seal of approval gun buddy here in ga now.

Special gun buddy is a favorite buddy for all Valorant players even in 2023. So, this can be purchased and added to your inventory. The gun buddy is now a free reward in the Valorant game, but it’s only available for a limited time too.

Seal of approval gun buddy in Valorant

How to Get the Seal of Approval Gun Buddy in Valorant?#2

Seal of approval gun buddy

The redeem code to get the Seal of Approval gun buddy in Valorant is,

  • CC-VLRNT-CCHAL-00001


You must also go to this link and complete the procedures to earn the Seal of Approval gun buddy in the Valorant game currently too.

This special gun buddy only comes rarely to the game’s item shop. So, now you can utilize the free redemption code and earn the Valorant Seal of Approval gun buddy as a free exclusive cosmetic reward.

This new special gun buddy will only be available till the end of 2023. So make sure to equip this in Valorant before December 31, 2023 right now. Also new cosmetics will be added to the in-game item shop soon.

About Valorant 

Valorant is an all-time epic first-person shooter game from Riot Games. It was also having the name of Project A earlier before its release too. Valorant is also highly inspired from the another intriguing and tactical fps game Counter-Strike gaming series too.

The in-game heroes and characters of Valorant are also given the codenames of Agents. Every new season, a new Valorant agent also comes and they are further classified into Duelists, Sentinels, Initiators, and Controllers.

Every season there will new new countries and agents in Valorant. New nationality means new locations, maps, guns, skins and more. Valorant has many more amazing cosmetics and skins for all players in the game

You must also use the best guns and weapons along with your agents. Every agent in Valorant has attacking and defending powers too. This shooter game has everything to offer right from features to exclusive content too. This tactical and hero shooter game is also a multiplayer game too.

A thrilling combat awaits you all in the world of Valorant on all different maps and locations too. This Valorant game also has everything to offer for a shooter game currently. Valorant is also very soon coming to mobile. But currently this game is only available for PC users across the world.

Overall,  this tactical shooter game Valorant is also a massive hero shooter game with some new guns, skins, agents, weapons, and skins too. Even Valorant for mobile is on the plans of Riot Games too from the next year too. But this will take place a little later while the makers are working on the same too

More about Valorant will only come out during every new act and episode. You can expect all new agents from the next following seasons as well. They keep getting added. Every agent belongs to different countries of the world and they hold some super special skills to fight against enemies of other regions and nations.

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