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Get Free Uc in BGMI Android: 100% working Tips

How To Get Free Uc in BGMI Android: Unknown Cash which is known as UC in BGMI, is an in-game cash currency, with which a player can purchase and acquire their favorite items like royal pass, cosmetics, skins, backpacks, parachutes, and more character bundles, etc to upgrade your skill level.

But to get this UC you will need to spend cash money by paying through cards. But what if this is available without paying, that is completely for free? Do you want to learn How To Get Free Uc in BGMI Android? Scroll down fully to know more about How To Get Free Uc in BGMI Android.

As there are many options available to avail free UC, you should be meticulous before doing it as there are many hackers around there trying to spam and steal your personal data, while trying to redeem free UC you can’t afford to lose your data. So avoid these harmful things while doing it, and don’t fall prey to them.

With the free unknown Cash, you will be able to upgrade yourselves in the game, so acquire your needed items in the inventory store. So here’s the guide to, How To Get Free Uc in BGMI Android.

How To Get Free Uc in BGMI Android: Tricks to Redeem Free Unknown Cash(UC)

Get Free Uc in BGMI Android
Get Free Uc in BGMI Android

As said many ways to get free UC will be discussed below, other than these many are there too, but be careful before claiming it, as it might be harmful to your device.

Free Giveaways

There are many youtube channels and other gaming channels, and also social media platforms like instagram, twitter and also loco regularly give bgmi users a chance to get free uc, by conducting tournaments or surveys, by participating in those you will be able to get the uc for free. So whenever any youtube or gaming channels post these, make sure to win it for free.


Rooter is another platform where you will redeem free UC, it’s a collaboration with sky sports aimed at giving free UC to bgmi users. You must sign up for rooter with your Paytm id and start participating in free surveys and streaming videos and games on it.

Google Opinion Rewards 

This is an app developed by Google, bgmi users can use this and participate and complete some surveys and get some Credits. With the credits redeemed through Google Play, you will have the chance to exchange it as money thereby purchasing UC on BGMI.

So these are some of the ways to get free unknown cash. Besides these, there’s another one option but which is not advisable, you can use some third-party apps and websites to redeem the free UC which has lots of risks involved in it, that’s why it’s not safe to use too. As you might get caught and it’s not under the guidelines of Bgmi as it’s not within the rules. If you violate the protocols, you and your Id will be banned permanently. So make sure to play within fairplay of the game always.

Get Free Uc in BGMI Android
Get Free UC in BGMI Android

So with these tricks, get free UC on bgmi, which you can use it along to improvise your game level. With the in-game rewards your attributes and skillsets will increase and if you are playing any tournament, it will be very useful for you.

So apart from these, you can play regularly win progress and earn UC and rewards. So that’s it about how to get free UC in BGMI Android. Stay tuned with us to know more tricks on how to get free UC in BGMI for Android.

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