Ghost Criminal Event Free Fire 2023 – Easy Tips!

Ghost criminal event Free Fire is back. This event is all about spinning and drawing. Use crystals, top-up and recharge for the best resources. Also the Ghost criminal bundle Free Fire will be available through this new exclusive event.

Players have been struggling to complete the Ghost criminal event Free Fire Max for 2023. But it’s much more simple, as you just need some spins and diamonds in your inventory to take part in this.

Ghost criminal event Free Fire

You can play BR mode, CS or LW mode matches and complete objectives. Also daily login in Free Fire will also get you the criminal bundle for free. Kill 5 or 10 enemies in the squad to get the bundle easily as a free reward in the game’s event itself. That’s how you can collect this new ghost bundle too.

Ghost Criminal Event Free Fire 2023 – Easy Tips!

Complete all daily tasks to get free exclusive skins. The Ghost criminal bundle in Garena Free Fire Max also includes many variants of the Ghost skins and you have to use them immediately or else it will disappear after this event.

The Ghost criminal bundle Free Fire Max can also be unlocked using diamonds, but it’s always better to play events and spin wheels to get them free on luck. The Ghost skin also comes in different colors like green and rose.

Play the other challenges of Free Fire and then also unlock new gun skins and free cosmetics. There will also be lots of new events including the Garena Free Fire Max Christmas event for 2023 too.

Ghost criminal event Free Fire

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Is Free Fire Good Game in 2023?

Garena Free Fire and Garena Free Fire Max both are always the best battle royale and go-to game for many players and gamers worldwide. An intriguing survival thriller game where you meet various exclusive characters and NPCs as well too.

The non-stop action, gun firing shots, bullets, and weapons, skins, cosmetics, and more have made Garena Free Fire Max one of the best action and battle royale games till date. Use all your weapons and shoot down targets to complete all battles in the game too.

There are also many new events in Free Fire Max and Free game for 2023. You can play them to claim all new diamonds, resources, spins, crystals and also other in-game rewards too. These will help you to get new skins and other Cosmetics too.

Indian players can enjoy Garena Free Fire Max as both PUBG and BGMI are also currently not available too. Hopefully the gamers will also witness more games like these in the near future too. Free Fire is truly an incredible experience for all fans in the world.

Every season new content arrives from the team of Garena for all FF players and gamers across the world. You can all take part in new spin events and all other exclusive challenges too. The game is totally amazing for its unique content and features.

Play the amazing Garena Free Fire Max and Free Fire game to show your shooting abilities and gun skills easily right now. Till then check our latest e-Sports and gaming leaks too here at our GA end. Share your comments in the comment box below here. Stay tuned to us for more exclusive updates too.