BGMI Customer Care Number: A Detailed Guide To Connect 24/7

BGMI Customer Care Number is what you need to contact for your BGMI ID unban or just to contact for further information. Many players looking for BGMI Customer Care Number and BGMI Customer Email so that they can unban their BGMI ID. In this article, we are going to share some detailed information about it and also guide you on How to Unban ID in BGMI as well. Let us start-

In BGMI there are many players who get unnecessary temporary bans or permanent bans using some tips and tricks. Some social media influencers share those tips and tricks and also some websites. Using those tricks to kill the enemy may lead you to ban your BGMI ID. So be careful before using those tricks and tips.

BGMI Customer Care Number: Get in Touch with a Live Agent

BGMI has been released in 2021 after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India. By the Indian Govt. PUBG was banned in India due to some privacy threats against the data law. Krafton took the development process of BGMI after Tencent Games handed it over. But the popularity is high all the time from the PUBG era among the players.

BGMI Customer Care Number

But after BGMI came, there were many bugs & glitches in the game because of the different servers. To take advantage of this, many influencers found some bugs and glitches in the game. They populated it as tips and tricks and players used that.

Also, some players used modded files or GFX Tools which led to a ban on their account. So players need BGMI Customer Care Number to contact. Also, you can reach out to them on their mail address. We are providing the details in this article so that you can contact them to reach out for help.


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How to Unban ID in BGMI

To unban ID in BGMI, you need to follow some tips. Here are a few of those:

  • Look for any known issues on the BGMI game or website.
  • Try rebooting your phone as well as the BGMI game.
  • BGMI app cache and data should be cleared.
  • Reinstall the BGMI app after uninstalling it.
  • Reach out to BGMI customer care for more help.

BGMI Customer Email

In this way, you can save your account to be banned. To Unban your ID, simply ask for help from BGMI Customer Care. Here is the email ID to contact for the BGMI ID. But keep in mind to read the article to the end before contacting them or mailing them.

Some things that you should keep in mind also:

  • The BGMI Customer Support will help you out as soon as possible. So be patient and wait for the reply of Krafton.
  • They receive lots of mail from lots of players. So it will take some time to reply from Krafton.
  • It takes time to Unban any BGMI ID.
  • Show a valid reason to Unban your ID. If the criteria are not met then they might not help you out any further.

How to Unban ID in BGMI

BGMI Customer Email

Mail ID:-

You can also reach out the Customer Care for these problems:

  • BGMI ID-related problems
  • Technical issues while login
  • Issues with gameplay
  • Game store purchases
  • Other problems

Hope you will get help immediately. If not then try to mail them after a week of the previous mail. That is all for in this article.


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