Duck Boat BGMI 2023: Complete Duck Fleet Achivement!

Duck Boat BGMI 2023: Duck Fleet is a brand-new achievement that BGMI added in the C2S6 update. You must lead or take part in at least 6 connected BGMI 2023 Duck Boats together for this reward. But for BGMI it is not available yet, so it will take time to you to play this achievement.

But in PUBG you can play now. However in this article will give you detail on the Duck Boat BGMI 2023 achievement. We will discuss the objective of the achievement, how to complete it, and a few tips for making it easy.

Duck Boat BGMI 2023

Duck Boat BGMI 2023 Achievement:-

A brand-new achievement that was included in the C2S6 update is the Duck Boat BGMI 2023. You have to lead or be a part of at least six connected duck boats once in order to complete the achievement.

Duck Boat BGMI 2023

On the Erangel and Livik maps, duck boats small, amphibious vehicles can be seen close to the summer islands. Simply drive up to another duck boat and hit the interact button to link one with the other. Once you have 6 duck boats attached, the achievement will complete. So if you want to know how to complete it follow the steps given im the below paragraph.

Duck Boat BGMI 2023

Important Topics:-

How To Complete Duck Boat BGMI 2023 Achievement?

You can complete the Duck Boat BGMI 2023 achievement by following these steps:

  • Land in Erangel or Livik on the summer islands.
  • Find 6 duck boats.
  • Attachthe duck boats together.
  • Stay alive until the game is over.
  • You will complete the achievement once you attach all 6 duck boats BGMI 2023.

Duck Boat BGMI 2023


  • Play in a squad so that you’ve got additional players to help you attach the duck boats.
  • Get to the duck boats before other players by landing as soon as you can on the summer islands.
  • While you are connecting the Duck Boats BGMI 2023, take care to avoid getting shot by other players.
  • Try pushing the duck boats together with a car if you are having problems connecting them.

Duck Boat BGMI 2023

Rewards We Get After Completing The Duck Boat BGMI 2023 Achievement:-

After completing the Duck Fleet achievement in BGMI 2023, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • 300 BP (Battle Points)
  • 10 Silver
  • 1 Classic Crate

However the rewards are not very big, they are still a nice addition to complete the challenge.


It is a hard but enjoyable task to complete the Duck Fleet. This achievement is for you if you’re seeking a new challenge in BGMI. In this article, we have discussed the Duck Fleet achievement in detail. What the achievement requires, how to complete it, and some tips for making it simpler have all been discussed.

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