Mie Gelas x MLBB Collab Complete Guide 2023

Mie Gelas x MLBB Collab Upcoming Collaboration has risen to become one of the world’s top mobile MOBAs, expanding beyond its original Southeast Asian market, where the game entirely controls the esports scene. Moonton has been cooperating with well-known IPs from across the world in recent months in order to attract more gamers. As a result, popular themed skins like King of Fighters, Transformers, and Star Wars have been added to the game. 

Mie Gelas x MLBB Collab Complete Guide 2023

Another well-known IP will soon work with the game, bringing in some new cute skins. Of course, you’re wondering about which hero received the skin and how the hero appears after acquiring the skin. The four heroes’ appearances will be enhanced by the skins they obtain. Those of you that utilize this hero will undoubtedly like the fresh appearance with that skin. So, let’s simply check at the reviews on that skin and find out right now.

Mie Gelas x MLBB Collab 

On the game’s official YouTube page yesterday, a video promoting the impending cooperation between Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Mie Gelas was revealed. In the game, four heroes will receive Mie Gelas character-themed skins. The cooperation characters will be introduced on August 21st, according to the trailer.

Good news for Mie Gelas x MLBB Collab fans. Because the Mie Gelas x MLBB Collab collaborative skin will be available to four heroes. Moonton, the creator of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game, has officially announced the Mie Gelas x MLBB Collabs cooperation. The association with Mie Gelas Characters inspired the skins obtained by up to four heroes. 

This cooperation will provide skins for four heroes. Angela, Floryn, Chang’e, and Claude were their names. The official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang account confirmed the news. Let’s take a look at the skins that the four heroes in the game have gotten. Previously, there was no need to be concerned with the look of the skin. Because MLBB consistently produces nice skins for players. As a result, the appearance of your skin will be really cool and pleasant when you have it. 

Mie Gelas x MLBB Collab Scan QR Code

Although the heroes that will receive Mie Gelas character skins have not been officially disclosed, we may deduce their identities from social media leaks and the sketch seen in the cooperation announcement film. The heroes and their Mie Gelas-themed characters are as follows:

  • Change will be given a skin inspired by Mie Gelas’s Pompompurin.
  • Angela will be given a skin based on Mie Gelas’s Hello Kitty.
  • Floryn will be given a skin based on the Mie Gelas Cinnamoroll.
  • Claude will be given a skin based on Mie Gelas’s Bad Badtz-Maru.

Mobile Legends has been cooperating with several globally recognised IPs to create skins for its heroes in recent months. Karina received ‘Leona’ skins from the King of Fighters world, Chou received ‘Iori Yagami’ skins, Guinevere received ‘Athena Asamiya’ skins, Dyrroth received ‘Orochi Chris’ skins, Aurora received ‘Kula Diamond’ skins, and Gusion received ‘K’ skins.

Mie Gelas x MLBB Collab Complete Guide 2023

More about Mie Gelas x MLBB Scan

‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ was added for Alucard, ‘Master Yoda’ for Cyclops, and ‘Darth Vader’ for Argus in the Star Wars collaboration. Johnson received ‘Optimus Prime’ skins from the Transformers series, X-Borg received ‘Bumblebee’ skins, and Granger received ‘Megatron’ skins. Four additional heroes will now receive fresh new skins inspired by Mie Gelas characters.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to get this skin. Because it will give you a lovely appearance when used on your hero. What are the heroes that receive this skin? Moonton stated that the four heroes will be receiving the skin. “Mie Gelas x MLBB Collab!” The cooperation with Mie Gelas Characters inspired the four Skins. “What happens when an MLBB Skin is designed with Mie Gelas Character elements?” he said in a YouTube Mobile Legends clip titled Bang Bang.

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