MLBB Lucky Scratch Event: Get Free Skins, Diamonds, Magic Dust & More!

Do you know there is an event called Mlbb Lucky Scratch in which you can get rewards and items for free? This event gives you a scratch card to choose from. Many players are getting exciting rewards by doing this. I think you must also know about this event. If you don’t know, here is a guide to the MLBB Lucky Scratch event in this article.

We’ll look at what MLBB lucky scratch is, what the rewards are, and how to participate at the event, among other things. So sit down with what is in this article and know all about it. Now, without any further delay, let’s start the article.

MLBB lucky scratch

What is MLBB Lucky Scratch:-

The MLBB Lucky Scratch is a limited-time event in which you can scratch off cards to win free skins, diamonds, and other rewards. The event is frequently hosted on important holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s, or the game’s anniversary.

In order to participate in the Lucky Scratch event, you must first purchase scratch cards with diamonds. The better the benefits that you can win, the more expensive the scratch card. After purchasing a scratch card, you can scratch off the card to reveal the benefits.

MLBB lucky scratch

How to participate in MLBB Lucky Scratch Event?

Here are the steps to participate in MLBB Lucky Scratch event.

  • Go to the Events tab in the MLBB app.
  • Find and tap on the Lucky Scratch event.
  • Make sure you read and understand the event rules.
  • Using diamonds, purchase a scratch card. The better the prizes you can win, the more expensive the scratch card.
  • Scratch the card to find the prizes.
  • When you get a prize, it is added to your inventory.
  • You can keep buying and scratching scratch cards till the event is over.

Rewards You will get in MLBB Lucky Scratch Event:-

The rewards available in the MLBB Lucky Scratch change based on the event. However, some of the most popular rewards are as follows:

MLBB lucky scratch

Skins: The Lucky Scratch event offers a range of skins, including epic skins, collector skins, and starlight skins.

Diamonds: By scratching off the MLBB Lucky Scratch cards, players can win diamonds. Diamonds can be spent to buy heroes, skins, and other game stuff.

Magic Dust: Magic Dust can be used to buy fragments, which can then be swapped for skins.

In addition to emotes, recall effects, and avatar borders, players can win a variety of other rewards from the MLBB Lucky Scratch event.

Some tips to participate in MLBB Lucky Scratch Event:-

Here are a few extra tips for participating in the MLBB Lucky Scratch event:

  1. Only buy scratch cards you can afford to lose.
  2. Don’t waste your diamonds on scratch cards. Save some diamonds for other game stuff.
  3. If you are not winning anything, leave the event and return later.

Please be patient. It is possible that winning something from the MLBB Lucky Scratch will take some time.


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