Dawning Stars Event Recharge MLBB: Get Free Diamonds & Heroes Skins!

The Dawning Stars Event Recharge MLBB is back and there are new things that you should know about it. This event will last for 30 days and the 1X Draw will cost you 50 diamonds with a price of discount 50% each day, which means it will cost you 25 diamonds. The first 10 x will not be discounted and will cost 450 diamonds to receive one permanent reward from the prize pole.

The Dawning Stars Event Recharge MLBB also gives you free diamonds In exchange for completing some series of challenges. Here in this article, we will guide you on how to get a free diamond in the Dawning Stars event MLBB. We will also talk about another rewards recharge task, Exchange Shops and Other Rewards, Drop Rates, Prize Pole, and Event Rules.

Dawning Stars Event Recharge MLBB

What Is Dawning Stars Event Recharge MLBB?

The Dawning Stars Event Recharge MLBB is also refer as a game promotion that offers you extra rewards that you can purchase with diamonds during the event. This Dawning Stars Event Recharge usually features limited-time skin heroes and other exclusive items. To get all these rewards you have to participate in a recharge event.

You can potentially get this item at a discounted price as compared to regular purchases by using diamonds. However, you can also get free diamonds in the Dawning Stars Event MLBB. But you have to take some steps to get all these free diamonds.

Dawning Stars Event Recharge MLBB

Get Free Diamonds In Dawning Stars Event MLBB:-

Getting a free diamond in Dawning Stars Event Recharge MLBB is not difficult but you have to first participate in the event. As we discussed in the previous paragraph, when you purchase diamonds during the event you will get a bonus to cons that you can use to read skins and another exclusive item at a very low cost.

You can also get free diamonds by completing daily missions and login bonuses. You have to simply collect free gems every day by logging into the game and completing simple tasks like watching ads or climbing daily rewards.

As for now, there are only 2 ways to get free diamonds in Dawning Stars Event MLBB. If we find another way we will share it with you guys to get updated bookmark this post as we will update this article when we get any other new information.

Dawning Stars Event MLBB Draw Rewards:-

During the event, you can earn different rewards based on the number of draws you make. Here’s what you can obtain:

  • 20 draws: 1 Magic Potion
  • 60 draws: 1 Dawing Stars token and 20 magic dust
  • 130 Draws: 2 Magic potions and 20 magic dust
  • 200 Draws: 2 Dawning Stars tokens and 100 magic dust

Dawning Stars Event Recharge MLBB

Will There Be Phase Two Of Dawning Stars Event MLBB?

One question that may come to mind is whether there will be phase two for the event. Considering the event lasts for 30 days, it’s highly likely that there will be a phase two. If that’s the case, it will most likely drop on the 2nd or 16th of March. The tasks for phase two will be similar to phase one.

Dawning Stars Event Recharge MLBB Drop Rates:-

Now let’s take a look at the drop rates of the Dawning Stars Event Recharge MLBB. By doing a 10x draw, I received 129 Crests, which is not bad. Additionally, you can collect up to 29 free tokens in a single event phase. By doing 1X draws, you can get a sense of the drop rates. It’s important to keep in mind that the results may vary.

Final Thoughts:-

Are you going to participate in the Dawning Star event? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Remember, sometimes being disappointed during draws can lead to better rewards.


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