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Scum 0.9 Patch Notes: A New Beginning!

The Scum 0.9 patch notes gives an important update to the famous survival game. The patch adds a number of new features, changes, and bug fixes, making it one of the most complete game upgrades to date. Here in this article we will all about the Scum 0.9 patch notes, what new things came in this patch notes and what changes done. We will also see the bugs fixed that were causing problems to the game play. So without any further delay let’s start the article.

Scum 0.9 patch notes

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Scum 0.9 patch notes:-

The Scum 0.9 patch notes include a number of performance improvements that should let the game operate more smoothly for players with lower-end systems. And the Scum 0.9 patch notes feature a number of balance tweaks that should address some of the issues that players have raised. For example, the patch nerfs some of the most powerful weapons while boosting some of the least powerful.

The Scum 0.9 patch notes also include a number of mod support changes, which should make it easier for users to build and install mods. This is likely to result in more types of mods for the game, giving players more options for how they wish to play the game.

Scum 0.9 patch notes

What News In the Scum 0.9 patch notes?

The following are the complete patch notes for Scum 0.9:

New Features:-

  1. Added a new map: The new “Shirebrook” map is a big, open-world map with a variety of biomes to explore.
  2. New vehicles: The game now includes two new vehicles: the ATV and the UAZ.
  3. New weapons: A number of new weapons have been added to the game, including the M4A1, the AK-74, and the SKS.
  4. Crafting system overhauled: The crafting system has been revamped, making it easier to craft products.
  5. New AI: The AI has been upgraded, making them more hard to fight.
  6. New missions: Several new quests have been introduced to the game, providing players with more options.

Scum 0.9 patch notes

Bugs Fixed:-

A number of bug fixes are also included in the Scum 0.9 patch notes. These updates solve a wide range of issues, such as performance issues, stability concerns, and gameplay errors.

  1. A issue that caused players to become stuck in specific objects has been fixed.
  2. A issue that caused players to lose stuff when they killed has been fixed.
  3. Fixed a issue that caused the game to crash when specific objects were trying to be crafted.

Scum 0.9 patch notes


The Scum 0.9 patch notes offer a lot of changes to the game in addition to the new features.

  1. The crafting mechanism has been completely updated.
  2. The AI has been improved.
  3. The quest system has been improved.
  4. The game’s overall stability has been improved.


The Scum 0.9 patch notes do not address all of the issues that players have submitted. The patch does, however, include a number of changes that are expected to address some of the most popular issues. The patch, for example, contains performance enhancements, balancing tweaks, and mod support enhancements. These changes are likely to increase the game’s appeal to a wider audience.

Overall, the Scum 0.9 patch notes are a big update that improve the game’s fun and difficulty for players. You should definitely check out the new patch if you like Scum. So this is for you: if you like our post and find it interesting, then please make sure to subscribe to Gaming Acharya.

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