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Best Job in Ragnarok Origin Global: Tier List

Best Job in Ragnarok Origin Global: When a player starts a new game, he or she may desire to be the most powerful player. For that reason, the players have to choose the Best Job in Ragnarok Origin Global. When you create your own Ranganrok Origin character, you become nothing but a complete beginner. No remarkable abilities, no aim that can be seen, and no valuable instruments.

The world gets bigger as you keep improving, and you learn that there are a tonne of various classes and career routes to select from. To learn more about the development of careers, let’s have checked about the best job in Ragnarok origin global through level guide.

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Best Job in Ragnarok Origin Global List

Best Job in Ragnarok Origin Global

A series of brief tutorials that show players how to battle, offer mounts, and demonstrate how to customize your character’s appearance are provided when the game first starts to help you become familiar with the gaming elements.

But selecting the best job in Ragnarok origin global is the final item on your initial list of things to do in Ragnarok Origin.

Each of Ragnarok Origin’s six primary classes has two subsidiary job progressions. The list of Qualifications is:

  • Swordsman, Mage, Acolyte, Thief, Archer, and Merchant at Basic Level 10 for Initial Jobs
  • Second Job Blacksmith, Assassin, Hunter, Priest, Knight, Wizard, and Priest, Basic Level 40/Appropriate Choice 40
  • Lord Knight, High Wizard, High Priest, Assassin Cross, Sniper, Whitesmith, Basic Level 70 / Second Job Level 40 – Third Job

The article further covers details about the different jobs inside the game from which the players choose the best job in Ragnarok origin global to make their experience better according to their own will.

Best Job in Ragnarok Origin Global


Beginners can take the relatively easy swordsman class. Your goal is to act as a tank and use melee combat to confront the opponent. You are indeed the group’s main defender, but you can also cause a lot of really bad damage. Your stats will be STR, AGI, and DEX. A swordsman may get to the rank of Lord Knight or Knight.


Start going since the magician causes a lot of harm and killing adversaries is your primary duty. You are a little frail, therefore you must be cautious not to get struck too much. The mage skill is fantastic for farming as well. If playing casters appeals to you, this course is for you. DEX and INT are your primary statistics as a wizard and elite wizard, depending on what you become as a mage.


So, because acolyte is Ragnarok Origin’s primary healer class, you must cure your companions. You’ll be in demand for groups together with an honorable knight. A combat priest is less beneficial for groups, but they can still deliver some good PVE damage. DEX and INT will be your top priority when it comes to stats. After leveling up, you will become a Priest and High Priest.


Thief is the class for you if you enjoy hiding in the shadows. The thief class attacks quickly, and your main goal is to attack your adversaries. Your main areas of attention with the thief must be STR and AGI. You can advance to such an Assassin followed by an Assassin Cross once you reach a certain level.


Ragnarok Origin’s hunter class is a potent ranged one. The archer class is excellent for playing solo, but it may also be used effectively in groups. AGI and DEX will be your key attribute areas of focus. You can develop a Hunter and eventually a Sniper as you advance.


One of Ragnarok Origin’s most distinctive classes is the merchant. You can significantly improve your trade skills and earn some in-game money with this class. Even though they work with money, merchants are nonetheless very strong. Your STR, AGI, and DEX will be your main characteristics. You can progress from a Blacksmith to a Whitesmith by leveling up.


Selecting the best job in Ragnarok origin global depends on the players gaming style. As we see there are 6 different types of characters or jobs for the players. It depends on the players which job mechanics are liked by them and then they can excel in that job. They can make the basic job to their highest levels and can play according to their fun and enjoy the game and its competitive spirit.

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