Star Rail Kafka Web Event: A Guide to Earning Rewards and Creating High-Quality Scenes!

Hello guys, I’m here to tell you about the Star Rail Kafka Web Event, which will take place from August 5 to 12, 2023. In this event, you will help Kafka in recreating specific script scenes from the past. You can earn rewards like as Stellar Jades, Purified Ether, Credits, and Travel Guides by carrying out missions.

In this article, I’m going to guide you through the whole Kafka Web Event. I’ll cover over how to take part in the event, what the prizes are, how to get more Inspiration Points, and how to create high-quality scenes. I also give you a few tips and plans for making the most of the event.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Honkai Star Rail player or just starting out, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this Honkai Star Rail Kafka Web Event and be well on your way to collecting some amazing rewards.

Star Rail Kafka web event

How to Participate in the Star Rail Kafka Event?

You must have reach to Level 11 in the game to participate in the event. You can then use their HoYoLAB account to access the event website. The website for the event is run into three sections:

Star Rail Kafka web event

The Clapperboard of the Director: This section contains a list of the tasks that players must do in order to get rewards. Visit the official Honkai: Star Rail social media accounts, share the event on social media, and complete daily quests in the game are all tasks.

The Shooting Stage: In this stage, players can act out the scripted situations with Kafka. Players can design their own unique settings by selecting from a number of directions and items.

The Photo Album: This part shows the situations made by the players. Players can even show friends their scenes.

Star Rail Kafka web event

What Are the Rewards for the Honkai Star Rail Kafka Web Event?

The following are the rewards for the Kafka Web Event:

  1. Stellar Jades: A type of currency used to buy products from the Honkai Star Rail shop.
  2. Purified Ether: A resource used to enhance Stellaron Gears.
  3.  Credits: A currency used to buy items from game merchants.
  4. Travel Guides: In-game items that allow players to travel to new planets.


How to Increase Inspiration Points in Star Rail Kafka Event?

Inspiration Points are a type of currency that can be used to unlock new scenes and items in the Star Rail Kafka web Event. Inspiration Points can be earned by completing the following tasks:

  • Completing the game’s daily tasks.
  • Sharing the event on social media.
  • Watching advertisements.

Star Rail Kafka web event

How to Create a High-Quality Scene in Star Rail Kafka Web Event?

Players can perform a few things to produce a high-quality that in the Star Rail Kafka Event:

Choose the correct directions and props: The items and directions that you choose can have a significant impact on the quality of their scenes. You should select directions and items that fit the concept of the situation they want to create.

Be creative: The more creative you are with their scenes, the more likely they are to score well. To create unique and entertaining scenarios, you must play with different directions and items.

Allow them to take their time: When building their scenes, players should take their time. A rush through the process will almost always result in a low-quality scene. You should take the time to correctly select their directions and props, as well as to position the actors in the scene in a natural manner.


Honkai Star Rail Kafka Web Event is a fun and quick method to win rewards. It’s also a wonderful chance to find out more about Kafka and the other Stellaron Hunters. Players who want get extra benefits while having fun should definitely check for the Star Rail Kafka Event. So this is for you: if you like our post and find it interesting, then please make sure to subscribe to Gaming Acharya.

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