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Tier List Tales of Yokai 2023 – Best Units!

Tier List Tales of Yokai- Tier list will guide all monstrous units and demons in the game to perform well. Here we at ga share the best units and heroes of Tales of Yokai game through our tier list too.

Tales of Yokai Tier list helps all players pick their best characters in the game too. With the tier list, completing the reroll guide for Tales of Yokai is also easier too.

Tier list tales of Yokai

The tier list for Tales of Yokai in July 2023 are here at GA end. This tier list for Tales of Yokai has also ranked all the best characters, units, and heroes of the Tales of Yokai game right now.

Tier list tales of Yokai


Tier List Tales of Yokai 2023 – Best Units!

Now let’s check the preview of tier list in Tales of Yokai.

  • S tier always has the top class units. They can be your top priority for battles as well
  • A Tier is second ranked in Tales of Yokai
  • B Tier units in Tales of Yokai are somewhat good too
  • C Tier characters and heroes of Tales of Yokai are extremely poor too

Official Tier List  for Tales of Yokai 

  • S Tier – Yuki Oona, Bloodlust, Hannya, Amaterasu, Ingami
  • A Tier – Kodama, Sinn,
  • B Tier – Ebisu, Umibozu, Yamabiko
  • C Tier – Ootengu , Fortune Cat, Menreiki
  • D Tier – Kodama, Ubume Wave Monk, Aoandon


That’s all about the Tales of Yokai tier list guide here at our GA guide now currently. Our unique Tier list for Tales of Yokai has included all the best and most powerful characters of the game too.

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About the Game!

Tales of Yokai is a new 3D JRPG game from the developers named Leniu Games. A unique card based battle game and here you can also expect tactical combat too.

The fantasy world of Yokai also has so many mysteries around it too. You will also get 600 draws once you log in to the game first. Choose your characters and play the battles wisely too.

A gacha game where you all can complete the reroll for Tales of Yokai initially through the gacha system and then unlock top-tier and SSR fantasy characters too.

Play as a legendary Yokai and slash all demons and other enemies in the underworld. Use swords and your all skills to slash enemies into pieces too.

Tales of Yokai also has automatic battles too. A cross-combat pk battle between all Yokai takes place here. An amazing and incredible game for all action lovers too.

All you just need to do is complete the reroll process mechanism of Tales of Yokai to kickstart your adventure and then you guys can also use some of the available and free Tales of Yokai redeem codes too.

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