Hire a Character in different matches Fortnite: Week 5 Quest Challenge!

The quest 2, stage 2 of this week 5 challenge is to Hire a Character in different matches in the game. As we know this time all the challenges in the week 5 Quest are different from previous. Because when the challenge comes, it may be related to the previous challenges and very little different from them.

But now they are different from others, and you get lots of XP when you complete the challenges. Many of you don’t know the Fortnite Week 5 Quest Challenges, but don’t worry, here in this article we will tell you all the challenges but cover only one of them.

And that is to Hire a Character in different matches Fortnite. However, first we see how many challenges are in Fortnite Week 5 quest. Then we will cover them all one by one, so stay in this article and know all about them.

Hire a Character in different matches

How to hire a Character in different matches Fortnite?

To hire a character in different matches, you must first find and interact with an NPC character on the map. You can recruit NPC characters such as Agent Jones, Brainiac, Cuddlepool, Galactico, Jonesy The First, Lt. John Llama, Shanta, and Zyg. You have to use a character in five different matches to complete the challenge. Here are some points on how to hire a Fortnite character in different matches:

  • On the map, look for the NPC characters. They commonly appear in well-known areas or landmarks.
  • Approach the NPC and click the “Interact” button to interact with them.
  • Select “Hire” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • To use the character, pay the necessary amount in gold bars.
  • Rep this process in each future match until you have hired a character in all five.

Remember that some characters may not appear in every match and can get across the map from match to match. It’s also worth noting that you have to complete the challenge Hire a Character in different matches Fortnite . Means you can’t use the same hired Fortnite character twice in the same match.

Hire a Character in different matches

All Fortnite Week 5 Quest Challenges:

Here are the challenges of the Week 5 quests in Fortnite:

  • Quest 1, Stage 1 – Fall 25 meters from a grind vine.
  • Quest 1, Stage 2 – Travel a vertical distance of 500 meters.
  • Quest 2, Stage 1 – Eliminate 5 players using assault rifles or snipers.
  • Quest 2, Stage 2 – Hire a character in different matches.
  • Quest 3, Stage 1 – Consume 7 Small Shield Potions.
  • Quest 3, Stage 2 – Deal 500 damage to opponents while playing with a hired character.
  • Week 5 Trial: Bounce on 3 different Hop Flowers without landing.

All Rewards According To The Quest:

The following is info on the XP rewards for Week 5 tasks in Fortnite Season 3:

  • Quest 1 (two stages) – Each stage rewards 20,000 XP, also completing both stages rewards 40,000 XP.
  • Quest 2 (two stages) – Each stage rewards 30,000 XP, also finishing both stages rewards 60,000 XP.
  • Quest 3 (two stages) – Each stage rewards 40,000 XP, thus completing both stages nets you 80,000 XP.
  • Weekly Trial – Completing the trial will give you one Level-Up Token.

If you do all of the Fortnite Week 5 Quest challenge, you will receive 180,000 XP and one Level-Up Token. These missions can be completed until the end of Chapter 4, Season 3.


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