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How To Complete Destiny 2 Fishing Rally Quest?

The Destiny 2 Fishing Rally Quest arrived in the game in which you to catch the fish to get points. And you will get the rewards when you complete the quest. It is basically a Throne World special quest available only to Season Pass owners. Unlike other tasks in which you fight opponents with strong weapons, this quest is easy and you can get rewards free.

Destiny 2 Fishing Rally

In the quest you will have to go fishing in Savathun’s royal planet as part of this quest. Your goal is to catch uncommon fish, which may be more difficult than it looks. But first you have to find ths location and then caty the fish. So in this article we will discuss how to find the location and what are the objectives of this quest. And we will also see what rewards we will get after completing the quest. So without any further delay let’s start the article.

What Is The Objective Of Destiny 2 Fishing Rally Quest?

There are six steps in the Destiny 2 fishing rally to complete the Throne World an objective. The first task is to earn 100 points in order to participate in the rally. Then, in each of the following steps, you have to get 100 points: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

To finish the task, you have to earn 500 points total. By capturing different kinds of fish, you may earn points. The most points come from exotic fish, next legendary, rare, and common fish.

Destiny 2 Fishing Rally

The number of points you earn is based on how uncommon the fish is which is given below.

  • Exotic fish: Although they are extremely difficult to catch, they award the most points (20 points).
  • Legendary fish: You receive 5 points for each one.
  • Rare fish: You receive 2 points for catching a rare fish.
  • Uncommon fish: Each uncommon fish you capture will get you one point.

How To Complete The Destiny 2 Fishing Rally Quest?

To complete the Destiny 2 Fishing Rally Quest, first you have to find Suraya Hawthorne in The Tower to start the “Throne World” fishing rally Destiny 2 quest.

  1. To find out more about the quest, talk with Suraya Hawthorne.
  2. Investigating fish in Savathun’s throne world is part of the quest.
  3. The Fishing Rally: Throne World mission cannot be started if you have the Season of the Deep Season Pass.
  4. You can start the quest by speaking with Hawthorne if you have a season pass.
  5. In The Tower, near the gunsmith and Ikora Rey, look for Suraya Hawthorne.
  6. You must speak with Suraya Hawthorne in order to get the mission.

Destiny 2 Fishing Rally

Rewards We Get After Completing the Destiny 2 Fishing Rally Quest:-

You will get a number of things when you complete the “Throne World” fishing rally Destiny 2 quest. These awards include an upgrade module which you can use to upgrade your equipment. Also, you will receive an Enhancement Core, an item that’s useful for upgrading armour and weapons.

A Deep Engram is an extra reward that, when opened, gives a random item. A precious material to upgrade gear, the Enhancement Prism, will also be given to you. At last, as your Legendary Gear prize, you can select one of two Reckoning weapons with certain features.


The “Throne World” fishing rally Destiny 2 quest in is quite simple to finish. In Savathun’s royal planet, your main objective is to catch fish until you collect 500 points. Once Hawthorne has given you the mission, travel to Savathun’s throne world and proceed to the Miasma region. A fishing pond can be found in that region, to the northwest. To just fish in this lake is your job.

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