Destiny 2 Operation Fulgurite: Step By Step Guide To Complete The Mission!

Destiny 2 operation fulgurite is the mission of season of the Deep, which is the part of 21 season. Destiny 2 operation fulgurite the third week mission which place in Abyss depth. In this you have to complete Destiny 2 operation fulgurite in three steps, which we see further in this post. As many of you are wondering how to complete it, because it is the mission call season of deep.

You have to find the door and switch it while diving, as many of you find difficulty to do it. If you don’t know the guide then stay with us in this article, we will give all the information you need. So in this article we will discuss all the three steps to complete the Destiny 2 operation fulgurite then third week mission.

Destiny 2 operation fulgurite

How to Complete Destiny 2 Operation Fulgurite?

If you want to complete Destiny 2 operation fulgurite the season of deep, you must follow the steps. Also, you have to complete in this step only, See here I give you the steps that what you want to don to complete Destiny 2 operation fulgurite.

  1. Navigate the cave system.
  2. Reclaim the coral from the Taken Knights.
  3. Defeat Kelgorath.

Destiny 2 operation fulgurite

As we see early in the introduction that we have to switch while diving. You will see the first switch on the wall between two doors, just lick the door and jump down on it. After that you will see the switch of the wall in the middle of the back, the door will open.

And for the other switch, jump down in the red corridor, find the switch you will see back of the room on the back of the middle of the man-made pillar. Open the switch and continue with to the mission. Is think you will understand this much. Now will start the mission, first we will see how to navigate the cave.


Step By Step Guide To Complete Destiny 2 Operation Fulgurite:-

#1. Navigate the cave system:

To navigate the cave system to complete Destiny 2 operation fulgurite, here is the step:

  • When you’re done with the switch and open the door, you will see the lever.
  • The lever is there to unlock the door behind you.
  • Go straight to the door and walk straight.
  • Don’t take any turns, go straight.


#2. Reclaim the coral from the Taken Knights:

To Reclaim the coral from the Taken Knights in Destiny 2 Operation Fulgurite follow this step:

  • You have to defeat the Taken Knights to reclaim the coral.
  • To do this, use the weapon which can do Solar damage.
  • Because Taken Knights are weak against the solar damage.
  • Make sure to aim at the head for critical damage.
  • In the fight don’t take damage play carefully, you can take help of the object to hide to avoid damage.


#3. Defeat Kelgorath:

In the last step to complete the Destiny 2 operation fulgurite you have to defeat Kelgorath taken from bones.

  • Kelgorath has three damage phases, and between each damage phase you have to destroy two taken orbs.
  • First from left to right and then top to bottom in the room.
  • Then clear the adds before going to fight with Kelgorath taken from bones.
  • By doing this you will be able to defeat Kelgorath, taken from Bones, in no time.
  • When you defeat Kelgorath, taken from Bones, the last and final step is to extract coral.
  • And this you complete Destiny 2 Operation Fulgurite.


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