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Dark Monastery Destiny 2: How To Unlock The Quest?

Want to know how to unlock the Dark Monastery Destiny 2 mission in the game? As the Dark Monastery, Destiny 2 is the story mission of the Curse Campaign. Thus, this is a very old event, and some of the new players don’t know how to unlock the mission to complete it.

Many video guides from YouTube are present to tell you, but I think they are not appropriate, which means they only play the game without giving any instructions on how to do it. So many players get confused by this and are not able to unlock Dark Monastery: Destiny 2.

However, it is simple to unlock; you just have to follow the instructions that we will give you in this post and unlock Dark Monastery Destiny 2. So here in this article, we will discuss all we know about Dark Monastery: Destiny 2 and see the full guide to how we can unlock it.


Dark Monastery Destiny 2

What Is Dark Monastery Destiny 2 Mission?

The Taken Curse Campaign, the broader story, includes the mission The Dark Monastery in Destiny 2. The Dark Monastery Destiny 2 is the third mission after Last Wish, which was the mission before this one.

The Forsaken Pack, an additional content pack for Destiny 2, is necessary for one to play the Dark Monastery mission. Once you get the Forsaken Pack, Petra Venj, an NPC in the Dreaming City, will give you the Dark Monastery mission. You are able to use the Dark Monastery Destiny 2 mission after completing the following quest.

Dark Monastery Destiny 2

How To Complete Dark Monastery Destiny 2 Mission?

If you want to complete the one of the Dark Monastery Destiny 2 mission, So first you have to unlock the Dark Monastery quest in the game. However, you must have the Forsaken Pack, an item of in-game extra content, in order to complete this mission.

Once you get the Forsaken Pack, you may go to the Dreaming City to find a person by the name of Petra Venj. She is the one who sells the quest for the Dark Monastery. You have to talk with her and buy the mission from her.

Going to a sure location in the Dreaming City named Rheasilvia will allow you to start the Dark Monastery task shortly after you have the quest.

An Awoken Corsair, which showed up in the game, can be seen there. To start the task, find this person on a hill near the centre of the Rheasilvia area and interact with them.

Dark Monastery Destiny 2

Tips And Tricks To Complete The Dark Monastery Destiny 2 Mission :-

Here are some tips and tricks you can follow to complete the Dark Monastery Destiny 2 mission faster, read once and you will get the himt hoe to complete the mission.

  1. It’s a good idea to work together with other players while you play the Dark Monastery a mission in Destiny 2. Having a fireteam or a group of friends will make it easy to complete the mission as a team.
  2. Make sure you have the right gear and weapons to face the enemies as there will be a lot of battle in this mission. Be prepared to defend yourself with a weapon.
  3. There are traps across the mission that can kill you, so continue with care. Watch your steps, and try to stay clear from them.
  4. You may avoid enemy strikes in a number of locations. Use these cover areas to protect yourself and stay alive.
  5. It’s important to maintain focus and move the mission ahead. Even though there may be a lot happening around you, try not to be distracted. Continue forward and stay on course.
  6. There are signs around the mission that will assist you find your way out. You may navigate by following these markers, so be sure to do so to avoid getting lost.
  7. Keep in mind that this quest has no time restrictions. Take your time to explore and search for hidden items and secrets.

Conclusion :-

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