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Bannerlord Best Two Handed Sword Smithing 2023

There are almost in Bannerlord Best Two Handed Sword Smithing endless choices when it comes to which weapon you can use and equip in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. With so many types of weapons in the game, such as bows, swords, axes, and polearms, you need to know which one is the best for each category. This is why we went through each weapon in the game to see which ones were the best to use for each play style you want to try out. So, here are the best weapons to use in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, along with their stats and respective value.

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Bannerlord Best CrossBow

Crossbows are considered some of the most modern weaponry in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, and they deal damage that shows that. If you are a crossbow fan, then you know how much one can dominate in a siege or battle. The best and most powerful crossbow in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is the Bound Crossbow. It has the highest requirement in the crossbow skill and has the following stats:

  • Damage: 100 Pierce
  • Accuracy: 100
  • Speed: 63
  • Value: 10k Denars
  • Requires: Crossbow 70

The only problem with this weapon is that you can’t reload on horseback. The best crossbow that you can use on a horse is slightly weaker than the earlier crossbow, but it can shoot faster. Using this crossbow will allow you to be versatile and still shoot accurately at your enemies with relatively low requirements.

Bannerlord Best Bow

If you are a big fan of overwhelming your enemies from a distance, the bow should be your chosen weapon. With the ability to shoot fast and hard, the bow can easily turn battles around in an instant. The best bow in all of Bannerlord is the Noble LongBow that Battanians like to use. This weapon has some decently high requirements but will allow you to destroy your enemies easily, as long as you don’t want to use it on horseback. Here are the stats for the Noble LongBow: 

  • Damage: 95 Pierce
  • Accuracy: 98
  • Speed: 91
  • Value: 17k Denars
  • Requires: Bow 70

Bannerlord Best Two Handed Sword Smithing 2023

Bannerlord Best Bow on HorseBack

If you want to summon your inner Khuzait, you will need the Noble Bow to shoot from horseback. This bow is very powerful and fast, allowing you to decimate your enemies while skirmishing. Here are the stats for this small, versatile bow:

  • Damage: 80 Pierce
  • Accuracy: 100
  • Speed: 94
  • Value: 8k Denars
  • Requires: Bow 70

Bannerlord Best One Handed Sword Smithing

When it comes to one-handed swords in Bannerlord, one of the most important aspects is speed, alongside damage. If you can quickly swipe at your enemies and also deal decent damage, then you got your hands on a very good one-handed sword. The best one-handed sword in Bannerlord has to be the Engraved Backsword. With really good speed and swing damage, this is the one you should aspire to use alongside your trusty shield:

  • Swing Damage: 103 Cut
  • Swing Speed: 82
  • Thrust Damage: 42 Pierce
  • Thrust Speed: 88
  • Value: 13k Denars

Bannerlord Best Two Handed Sword Smithing

If you want to hit hard and dominate the battlefield, the two-handed sword should be your weapon of choice in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. The best two-handed sword that you can use in the game has to be the Broad Kaskara. With one of the biggest lengths and swing damage output out of all the swords, there is no better choice if you want to destroy everything in your path:

  • Swing Damage: 116 Cut
  • Swing Speed: 96
  • Thrust Damage: 41 Pierce
  • Thrust Speed: 97
  • Value: 16k Denars

Bannerlord Best Axe

Now, if you really want to deal massive damage and ignore any type of defense, the two-handed axe should be your favorite weapon in Bannerlord. The Heavy Executioner Axe has to be the best one in Bannerlord, as it has amazing reach and will most likely deal only insta kills with this damage output.

  • Swing Damage: 116 Cut
  • Swing Speed: 96
  • Value: 13k Denars
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