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BannerLord Best Starting Culture 2023

After years of anticipation, Mount and Blade II: BannerLord Best Starting Culture has finally emerged from early access, captivating both seasoned fans and newcomers. With its vast world and plethora of new features, players are diving into the realm of Calradia, making crucial decisions along the way. One of the most significant choices in the game is selecting a starting culture. With six distinct cultures, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, players often wonder which one is the strongest.

BannerLord Best Starting Culture 2023

BannerLord Best Starting Culture

As you embark on your journey in BannerLord Best Starting Culture, remember that the choice of starting culture should align with your desired playstyle. Each culture offers unique advantages and disadvantages, influencing various aspects of the game. Consider your preferred approach, whether it be conquering, trading, or engaging in relentless warfare, and select the culture that best compliments your ambitions. May your choices lead you to triumph and your name be forever etched in the annals of Calradia.

As of May 6, 2023, this article, updated by Aldous Foster, aims to shed light on the BannerLord Best Starting Culture. The game offers various playstyles, whether players aspire to conquer every inch of the map or build a thriving brewery empire. To optimize their experience, players need to find the culture that aligns with their preferred approach. With this knowledge in hand, venture forth into the world of BannerLord Best Starting Culture and forge your path to glory. 

BannerLord Best Starting Culture – Aserai

The Aserai, known as desert nomads, possess exceptional skill in riding camels. They benefit from cheaper caravan construction costs and face fewer penalties in trading. These advantages generate a steady income, particularly in the early stages of the game. Additionally, the Aserai experience no movement penalties when traversing desert terrain. These qualities make Aserai characters excel in the role of merchants. In terms of combat, Aserai armies boast a well-balanced composition, comprising proficient infantry, archers, and cavalry units. This adaptability allows them to handle various situations effectively, although it also means they lack specialization compared to other factions. Advantages of the Aserai culture include:

  • 30% cheaper caravans
  • 10% reduction in trade penalties
  • No movement penalties in desert regions
  • 5% increase in troop wages

However, as the game progresses, the Aserai’s trading advantages become less valuable since controlling settlements becomes more advantageous. Moreover, the lack of deserts beyond the Aserai Sultanate’s borders renders their speed bonus useless when attacking other kingdoms. Aserai characters must also bear the burden of higher daily troop wages, significantly increasing the cost of maintaining armies. For players seeking a combat-heavy playthrough, other cultures offer more appealing options. Nevertheless, for those aspiring to become the greatest merchant in Calradia, an Aserai character is an excellent choice.

BannerLord Best Starting Culture 2023

BannerLord Best Starting Culture – Sturgians

Drawing inspiration from Kievan Rus and the Vikings, the Sturgians embody a culture ideal for players who relish the concept of formidable infantry troops pillaging and looting across the continent. Notably, recruiting and upgrading infantry is more cost-effective, and Sturgian armies exhibit greater cohesion. These advantages remain relevant throughout the game, saving players both money and influence while enabling them to build massive armies. Sturgian units also excel on the battlefield, with their Heroic Line Breakers and Spearmen representing some of the finest infantry available. These troops can withstand even the most ferocious assaults by forming impenetrable shield walls. Key advantages of the Sturgian culture include:

  • 25% cheaper recruitment and upgrading of infantry troops
  • Armies lose 25% less cohesion per day
  • 20% increased relationship penalty from kingdom decisions

Additionally, the Sturgians possess shock cavalry that serves as an effective countermeasure against enemy cavalry units. For players who crave an aggressive playstyle and thrive amidst the chaos of battle, the Sturgians offer an ideal choice. Those interested in a smithing-focused playthrough may find Sturgia particularly enticing, as they start on the border with Battania, granting them a favorable initial position. 

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