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Bannerlord How to Change Appearance in 2023

If you have started a game in Bannerlord How to Change Appearance and find yourself unsatisfied with your character’s appearance, there is good news. You can actually edit your character’s appearance even after playing the game for years. This guide will provide you with the necessary steps to fine-tune your character’s look and make them more to your liking.

Bannerlord How to Change Appearance in 2023

It’s not uncommon for players to want to change things up in games, and altering your character’s appearance can be a refreshing way to do so. Keep in mind that changing your character’s appearance won’t have any impact on how NPCs interact with them or affect the game mechanics, except for the character’s hitbox.

Bannerlord How to Change Appearance

Here’s how you can change your character’s appearance in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, regardless of how far into the game you are:

  • While on the campaign map, press the V key (default key binding) to open the Character Customization screen.
  • In the Character Customization screen, you can modify various aspects of your character’s appearance, including height, weight, voice, and facial features.
  • Take your time to adjust the desired features and make your character look exactly as you want them to.

One of the advantages of Bannerlord being in early access is that it allows players to revisit the character customization screen at any time during their game. This means that whenever new features or options are added to the character customization, you can take advantage of them by simply pressing the V key and making changes to your character’s appearance. It’s worth noting that there is no limit to how many times you can edit or change your character’s appearance. 

However, when it comes to editing the appearance of companions and other characters in Bannerlord, there is no built-in way to do so. The game only allows you to edit the appearance of your own character in the vanilla version. Thankfully, a mod called “Detailed Character Creation” has been developed and released on NexusMods. This mod enables you to change the appearance of any character in the game, including companions, family members, and lords.

Bannerlord How to Change Appearance in 2023

Bannerlord How to Change Appearance: Characters

You have the freedom to experiment and refine their look to your heart’s content within the native game. To change the appearance of characters using the “Detailed Character Creation” mod:

  • Install the mod from NexusMods, ensuring that you follow the installation instructions provided by the mod creator.
  • Open the in-game encyclopedia by pressing the N key on the campaign map.
  • Navigate to the page of the character you want to edit.
  • On the character’s page, you will find an “Edit Appearance” button at the top of the UI. Click on this button to modify the character’s appearance as desired.

With the “Detailed Character Creation” mod, you have the flexibility to customize the appearance of various characters in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, expanding your options beyond just your player character. By following these instructions, you can change your Bannerlord How to Change Appearance and explore the mod option for editing the appearance of other characters in the game. Enjoy the freedom to personalize your gameplay experience to your liking.

Keep in mind that as the game is still in early access, additional features and improvements are being introduced over time. The ability to customize your character’s appearance may become even more robust as the game continues to develop. So, always keep an eye out for updates and new features that can enhance your gaming experience. Remember, Bannerlord How to Change Appearance offers a vast and immersive world to explore, and having a character whose appearance you’re satisfied with can enhance your overall enjoyment of the game. 

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