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“What’s wrong with liking pink LoL Quest” – LoLdle Quote of the Day!

Welcome back for the next “What’s wrong with liking pink LoL quote” of the day solution from our GA handle. If it’s a new day on LoL, then it’s obviously time for the next interesting LoLdle puzzle classic quest with the answer for all the League of Legends wordle fans. Here’s the “What’s wrong with liking pink” LoL quest and classic LoLdle solution from our ga.

All the LoL fans might have heard this new LoLdle “What’s wrong with liking pink” quest quote of the day already, but yet the League of Legends champion which said this “What’s wrong with liking pink” LoLdle quote of the day for today is not an easy task to crack.

But more League of Legends players and gamers might be familiar with the voice of the character champion who said LoLdle quote of the day for November 5, 2022 in the League of Legends game.

Okay GA folks get to know the classic LoLdle solution for today’s quote of the day quest puzzle and riddle to enter it on LoL game with the correct character champion name.

“What’s wrong with liking pink” LoL Quest – Which Champion Said this Quote of the Day in LoLdle?

What's wrong with liking pink LoL Quest

The time is running, and the clock is ticking for all the LoL users and gamers to predict the LoLdle classic solution and quote of the day for today in LoL, as today’s which is the League of Legends quote puzzle for 5th November 2022 “What’s wrong with liking pink” is here and the answer for LoLdle riddle on 5 November 2022 is here at GA now.

Okay ga users, the right solution for today’s classic LoLdle quote of the day to enter on LoL puzzle is the amazingly powerful Zoe lady character champion, yes zoe the lovely  LoL female champion is your today’s LoLdle quote quest answer and classic solution of the LoL wordle puzzle for 5th and 6th November 2022.

All LoL players just will have to input the Zoe girl character name on their wordle quest or the LoLdle on the devices they regularly play now.

More on Today’s LoLdle Quote of the Day, Classic Quote Solution & More

What's wrong with liking pink LoL Quest

The best release of the League of Legends game so far when we speak about quizzes and puzzles, then this LoLdle quote must be the answer to all the LoL players who have been a great fan of riddles, puzzles, and quests on the amazing strategy based League of Legends game now.

And now on our GA page, we have given you the right classic quote of the day LoLdle solution, you guys just have to input the LoL wordle puzzle answers with the champion name.

LoL usually only gives 8 chances and takes for its users and players for this LoLdle quote riddle, with 8 takes get to know the LoL champion character voices that are being said daily for LoLdle classic quote of the day and the solution to LoLdle quote is here at your GA now.


Now that’s a wrap for November 5 and November 6 LoLdle Quote of the day quest and Wordle from League of Legends, the LoLdle classic quote of the day and classic solution to today’s LoL wordle puzzle has been shared on gaming acharya.

What’s wrong with liking pink LoLdle classic quest quote of the day for November 6, 2022, is done now, stay tuned for more LoLdle quote solutions and guide on GA, follow us for all LoL wordle and LoLdle quest puzzle-related articles here.  Subscribe to Gaming Acharya for more gaming updates and exclusive e-Sports content here.

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