How To Complete Last Epoch Desert Treasure Quest? #1

Here in this article, we will discuss how to find the Last Epoch Desert Treasure and complete the quest. If you want to know all about the Last Epoch Desert Treasure location then continue reading this article.

Last Epoch Desert Treasure

The Desert Treasure Quest in the Last Epoch is a side quest which is located in chapter 9: Sand Of Majasa. In this Last Epoch Desert Treasure quest, we encounter a silver elemental guarding recently cracked open tombs. Which is likely due to the local scalebane grave robbers. To progress in the quest players need to enter the untouched tombs, and face the large golden alimental deep within.

Players have to defeat it and claim the relic it was guarding. If you don’t know how to complete the Last Epoch Desert Treasure quest, then don’t worry here in this article we will give you a detailed guide. We will give you step-by-step information that helps you to complete the quest easily and you will find the desert treasure in no time.

Last Epoch Desert Treasure Quest:-

Completing the Desert Treasure Quest will reward you 3000 experience points one passive point and an idol slot. To complete the Last Epoch Desert Treasure follow this guide:

First, destroy the corrupted waypoint. Then locate the contract hidden within the Maj’erka Slums by finding the middle seller in the cave and head out. Once you find the contract the next step is to interact with it.

If you click on the contract and it doesn’t work then you can speak with an npc named Scalebane Fence. It is located in the same cave that offers to sell the information for 5000 gold. If you fail to interact with the contract then the Quest me stuck. Then you need to reload or try some alternate method to get a contract through dialogues with Scalebane Fence.


Where To Find The Location Of The Tomb Hidden Among The Dunes In The Last Epoch?

The Tomb hidden among the dunes in the Last Epoch Desert is known as the radiant dunes. To reach the tomb, follow these steps.

  • Travel to Maj’elka Slums.
  • Then go to the east until crossing the narrow river.
  • After that follow the wall North until you reach the location which indicates in the below image.

Last Epoch Desert Treasure

How To Defeat The Enraged Elemental To Uncover The Contract?

To defeat the enraged elemental to uncover the contract in the Last Epoch Desert Treasure quest, follow the steps given below.

  • Enter the tomb hidden among the dunes, as I gave you the details of where you find the tomb.
  • Then explore the desert tomb, and go deep into the Tom to face the fierce gold elemental, who gods the mysterious relic.
  • Engage with him and do a challenging battle to claim the victory and the relic it was guarding.

Last Epoch Desert Treasure


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