Collect Weapons Fortnite Phase 6 Shellebrate TMNT Quests!

In this article we will discuss how to collect weapons Fortnite Phase 6 Shellebrate TMNT Quests.


Phase 6 Shellebrate TMNT Quests brings lots of new objectives and challenges to the players and one of the challenges is to collect weapons. Here in this article, we will tell you how to collect weapons to complete the challenge and get rewards.

We will share with you some hotspot locations where you find weapons easily. Without any further delay let’s dive into the article and complete one of the challenges of Phase 6 Shellebrate TMNT Quests.

Collect Weapons Fortnite

Collect Weapons in Fortnite Phase 6 Shellebrate TMNT Quests:-

Fortnite Phase 6 Shellebrate TMNT Quests has just started which brings many challenges to complete. We have to complete the challenge to earn exclusive rewards. Collect Weapons is one of the challenges in which we have to collect a total of 50 weapons from various locations on the Fortnite map. You can find weapons in various chests, and supplier drops, and can purchase from vending machines.

You have to spend 300 Golden bars for each weapon if you purchase it from a vending machine that is scattered or across the maps. The vending machines are located in 6 different areas Classy Courts, Grand Glacier, Hazy Hillside, Pleasant Piazza, Rebel’s Roost, and Ritzy Riviera.

Collect Weapons Fortnite

If you didn’t have enough gold bar then you can earn it by completing weekly missions. You can also loot chests that are available throughout the map. And for legendary weapons, you can check event stores regularly. Once you collect weapons then you will complete the challenge and reward.

All Phase 6 Shellebrate TMNT Quests Challenges:-

Collect Weapons Fortnite

Here are all Phase 6 Shellebrate TMNT Quests challenges available to complete.

  • Gain Shields Using FlowBerry Fizz (100)
  • Listen To The Radio In A Vehicle (1)
  • Damage Opponents With The Lock-On Pistol (100)
  • Travel Distance While Under The Effects Of Low-gravity (500)
  • Collect Weapons (50)
  • Eliminate Opponents From Within 10 Meters (3)
  • Emote In The Turtles’ Lair (1)
  • Spend Time Airborne Doing Tricks On the board (5)


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