Interstellar Bass Fortnite Emotes: Available In Item Shop!

Interstellar Bass Fortnite: Fortnite players know that emotes are very important part of the game and Fortnite always brings new emotes to engage with players. If you are looking for greatest and latest emotes Then look no further. Fortnite releases Interstellar Bass emotes, which is a legendary icon series emote, it is ready to make waves with its unique dance moves and space theme visuals.

In this article we will take a closer look at the Interstellar Bass Fortnite emote and explore what make it so special. We will also tell you the price to purchase Interstellar Bass Fortnite. Now let’s dive into the article and no everything about the Interstellar Bass Fortnite Emote.

Interstellar Bass Fortnite

Interstellar Bass Fortnite Emote Released:-

The Interstellar Bass Fortnite is the legendary icon series emote in recently introduced in the item shop of Chapter 5. This emote is released on 25th February 2024, but you have to purchase it. The Interstellar Bass Fortnite features a character dancing with space theme visuals.

The dance routine inspired by the Kyle Gordon, if you don’t know Kyle, he is a youtuber and musician known for his energetic and humorous contents. The dance itself involves a series of motions such as armed releasing, leg kicks and spins. This Interstellar Bass Fortnite emote also features a unique sound effect that recall memories of Bass Guitar riff.

Interstellar Bass Fortnite

What Is The Cost Of Interstellar Bass Fortnite Emote?

You can purchase Interstellar Bass Fortnite Emote from the item shop for 500 V-Bucks. You can also get as a part of Kyle Gordyn Outfit Bundle, also includes the remote of cosmic Kyle and the cosmic Pickaxe, which total cost you 1,500 V-Bucks. Either you purchase Interstellar Bass emote separately or you can buy the whole bundle.

Interstellar Bass Fortnite

How To Purchase Interstellar Bass Fortnite Emote?

You can purchase Interstellar Bass Fortnite Emote directly or you can buy a whole Kyle Gordyn Outfit Bundle. Here are the following methods that you can use to purchase this emotes.

1. Directly purchase from fortnite item shop:

  • Launch fortnite and locate to the item shop tab.
  • Then look for the Interstellar Bass Emote.
  • Then click on Purchase, you have to spend 500 V-Bucks in order to buy it.
  • Simply click on confirm and the emotes will add to your account.

2. Purchase as a part of Kyle Gordyn Outfit Bundle:

To purchase it you have to follow the same same steps as above. You have to navigate to the item shop and look for the bundle then you have to click on purchase button with 1,500 V-Bucks.


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