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How To Fix Face RD App Error 9913: Full Guide!

In this article, we will be going to discuss the Face RD App Error 9913 and give you the solution to fix it.

Face RD App Error 9913

Face RD App recently faced a 9913 error where users are not able to use this app properly. They are facing issues for various purposes such as Jeevan Praman Patra, my rotation app, and Aadhar authentication. And till now this problem is not resolved by the developer of this app.

Here in this article we will explore the common issues faced by the users and give them some Face RD App Error 9913 Solutions. By these, they can solve the error and use the face RD app properly. We will discuss the steps to troubleshoot the error and give you an overview of this problem.

What Is The Cause Of Face RD App Error 9913?

This Face RD App Error 9913 is related to the Aadhar authentication. And unfortunately, the specific details of this course are not available also the solutions are not provided till now. I think that Error 9913 meri Kuwait technical support or assistance from the app developers or UIDAI.

If you are getting this error then you can contact to their customer support team and they will assist you to solve this issue. But if you want to find Face RD App Error 9913 Solution on your own then you can try the below troubleshoots.

Face RD App Error 9913

Face RD App Error 9913 Solution:-

As there is no available fix for Face RD App Error 9913, here are the basic troubleshoots given below. You can attempt it step by step to solve the Face RD App error.

Check For Update: Before doing anything make sure that your app is updated to the latest version. If you are using the old version then update it as soon as possible. This will resolve any unknown issues or bugs in your app.

Check The USB Connection: A USB connection can also cause the same error. So make sure that the USB cable is properly correct to your device or computer.

Reinstall The App: If updating the app doesn’t work then try to uninstall and reinstall the app. This may help you reset any settings and configuration that can cause Face RD App Error 9913.

If all this troubleshooting didn’t work then the last thing you can do is to connect to customer support. The support team of the face RD app or UIDAI will assist you in solving this error.


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