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How to Fix Helldivers 2 Black Screen on Launch Error | Helldivers 2 Not Launching Issues Fixed?

In this article, we will discuss how to fix Helldivers 2 Black Screen on Launch Error and not launching issue, so stay tuned.

Helldivers 2 Black Screen on Launch Error

Hey players, Are you finding a solution for not launching the issue in Helldrives 2? Many players have problems when they launch the game, as the screen turns Black and they can play the game. But worry not here in this article we will going to discuss all about the Helldivers 2 Black Screen on Launch Error and not launching.

We will give you the solutions to this issue and tell you how to fix Helldrives 2 Black Screen on launch. Additionally, we will also tell you some universal causes of this kind of issue. We will cover everything from a simple fix like updating your drivers to a deeper dive into the user settings and even the hardware troubleshoots also. So grab your helmet and let’s fix the Helldrivers 2 not launching glitch together.

What Is The Cause Of Helldivers 2 Black Screen on Launch Error?

See there is not a single cause of this problem, there can be various factors that create issues in the game. Corrupted game files like missing or damaged game files can prevent you from launching the game properly. Sometimes outdated graphics cards also create issues in launching the game.

Certain background apps like overlays or anti-virus software can also interfere with the game and can cause Helldivers 2 Black Screen on Launch Error. Or in rare cases the game might not be fully compatible with your specific window versions and cause Helldivers 2 not to launch issues. The last cause is the corrupted user setting file which can disrupt the game’s configuration and cause errors.

Helldivers 2 Black Screen on Launch Error

How To Fix Helldivers 2 Not Launching Issues?

To fix Helldivers 2 Black Screen on Launch Error follow this basic troubleshooting advice given below.

Restart the Computer: Before doing anything first try to restart your computer and launch the game again. Sometimes a simple restart can also resolve temporary glitches in the game.

Verify Your Game Files: If restarting didn’t help anything then check your given file, it is corrupted or missing. You can repair them if the game file is corrupted so don’t worry.

On Steam:

  1. Open the Steam platform then right-click Helldrives 2 from your library.
  2. Then select the property and click on local files.
  3. Then simply Click verify the integrity of game files and check whether the file is corrupted or not.
  4. If the file is corrupted click on repair file and you will be good to go.

Update Your Graphics Drivers: check whether your graphics drive is updated or not. Because the outdated drive can cause compatibility issues in the game and prevent you from launching the game.

Run The Game As Administrator: To run the game as administrator follow these steps.

  • Right-click the Game launcher.
  • Then select run as administrator.
  • Grant the game the necessary permissions.

Helldivers 2 Black Screen on Launch Error


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