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Is Ixia the Next MLBB March Starlight 2024? Leaks, Hints & Release Date Revealed!

MLBB March Starlight 2024: The month of March is arriving and brings a highly anticipated starlight skin for you. But who will be the next lucky Hero to get the exclusive skin upgrade? And no menu of your expecting your favorite character to get a new upgrade.

Here in this article we will discuss deep into the topic and Know Mobile Legends Bang Bang Skin 2024. We will come over all the rumors, leaks, and officials to get to know the next March starlight skin in 2024. This means this Crow comprehensive guide will give you all the information you need to prepare for March 2024 starlight skin in MLBB.

MLBB March Starlight 2024

Here is what you can expect from this article: Hero predictions, release date and acquisition, and hero analysis.

MLBB March Starlight 2024: Upcoming Hero Prediction:

There are many speculations about the hero who will receive March starlight skin. Players all over the world have made some popular guesses of famous heroes including Roger, Estes, Selena, and more. However, it is only just gases and the actual Hero could be else entirely.

Some official sources did March starlight skin prediction and suggested that the next skin name might be Ixia, with a nature-inspired theme. Ever we have to hold this information until the Moonton officially confirms it.

MLBB March Starlight 2024

MLBB March Starlight 2024: Skin Release Date:-

As per speculation, the MLBB March Starlight 2024 skin is typically available in May and June. The date is not specified and the month may be go up and down so wait for the official announcement. The official announcement will be done sometime around this month.

MLBB March Starlight 2024

Ixia Mobile Legends Abilities And Skills:-

Ixia is a recently launched hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She’s a marksman described for her burst damage, crowd control abilities, and unique “Barrage” condition, which boosts her basic attacks and talents.

  • High Physical Damage: Scales nicely with Attack and Critical Strike.
  • Lifesteal: Passive heals her for a percentage of the damage caused.
  • Crowd Control: Slows foes with abilities and the ultimate.
  • Burst Damage: Skill 1 and Ultimate provide explosive assaults.
  • Ultimate Immunity: Gets CC immunity while launching a barrage.
  • Arclight Barrage: Increase your speed for the aggressive chase.
  • Arclight Bind: Engage in combat or disengage using area-slow.
  • Arclight Onslaught: Deal sustained damage while controlling the battlefield.

MLBB March Starlight 2024


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