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MLBB Update 1.8.56 Patch Notes Latest 2024

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, developed by Moonton, continues to evolve with regular patches and updates to ensure a balanced and competitive gaming experience for players. Recently, Moonton released MLBB Update 1.8.56 Patch Notes, followed by an emergency balance adjustment just days before the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2023 (MSC 2023) commenced. In this article, we will explore the details of the updated patch and the changes made to enhance hero performance and gameplay. 

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MLBB Update 1.8.56 Patch Notes: Bug Fixes

  1. Soul Lock (Benedetta):
  • The slow effect of Benedetta’s Soul Lock skill has been increased from 30% to 60%.
  • This adjustment allows Benedetta to better control enemy movements and engage in strategic gameplay.
  1. Ultimate Lethal Counter (Benedetta):
  • Benedetta’s Ultimate Lethal Counter has received a damage boost.
  • Damage scaling has increased from 400+60% of total physical attack +20% -30% of the enemy’s lost HP to 150+70% of total physical attack +30% -45% of the enemy’s lost HP.
  • This adjustment empowers Benedetta to deal more impactful damage during her ultimate ability.
  1. Passive Humph Joy’s Angry (Phoveus):
  • Phoveus’ passive ability, Humph Joy’s Angry, has undergone a damage reduction.
  • The damage has been decreased from 200+80% magic power to 100+100% magic power.
  • This change aims to balance Phoveus’ damage output and ensure fair gameplay.
  1. Ultimate Ha, Electrifying Beats (Ling):
  • Ling’s ultimate ability, Ha, Electrifying Beats, has received a base damage reduction.
  • The base damage has been decreased from 180-270 to 150-270.
  • This adjustment helps maintain Ling’s overall power level and prevents him from becoming too dominant in battles.
  1. Vengeance (Guinevere):
  • Guinevere’s skill Vengeance has undergone a base damage reduction.
  • The base damage has been decreased from 135-355 to 110-310.
  • This change aims to adjust Guinevere’s damage output and create a more balanced gameplay experience.

MLBB 1.8.56 Patch Notes: Hero Adjustments

  1. Ling:
  • Ling’s Needles in Flowers skill has slightly reduced movement speed bonus gained from attack speed.
  • This adjustment ensures a more measured approach to Ling’s mobility and combat effectiveness.
  1. Pharsa:
  • Pharsa’s sphere now requires a slightly reduced distance to gain a stack of damage buff.
  • This adjustment allows Pharsa to achieve damage stacks more consistently, contributing to her overall performance in battles.
  1. Aurora:
  • Aurora’s base damage and magic damage bonus have been adjusted.
  • The values have been changed from 260-385 + 50% magic power to 230-340 + 45% magic power.
  • This change helps maintain Aurora’s damage potential while ensuring a fair balance within the game.
  1. Selena:
  • Selena’s ultimate ability, Abyssal Trap, has undergone a cooldown increase.
  • The cooldown has been increased from 45-35s to 56-48s.
  • Additionally, the mana cost has been decreased from 150-0 to 100-0.
  • These changes provide better mana management options for Selena players.

MLBB Update 1.8.56 Patch Notes Latest 2024

MLBB 1.8.56 Patch Notes: Item Adjustments

Several items, such as Queen’s Wings, Dreadnaught Armor, and Antique Cuirass, have undergone adjustments to their unique passives. These changes aim to balance their effects and maintain fair gameplay without compromising their overall utility. The balance adjustment implemented in MLBB 1.8.56 Patch Notes showcases Moonton’s dedication to creating an engaging and competitive gaming experience.

With the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2023 (MSC 2023) in full swing, these adjustments ensure fair battles and strategic gameplay. Players can expect thrilling matches where heroes can showcase their skills and tactics effectively. Stay tuned for further updates and developments as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang continues to evolve and provide an exhilarating experience for gamers worldwide.

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